53+ Different Types of Beds, Frames, Styles That Will Go Perfectly with Your Bedroom

Types of Bed Frames – If you’ve ever been looking for a new bed frame and you are starting your research from scratch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options.

There are so many out there that if you are just going into your research blindly, you are going to get totally overwhelmed to the point where you are just going to want to give up and stick with the old and falling apart one that you have.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a guide here that are going to help you see that buying a bed frame isn’t as terrifying as you are thinking it is right now. Allow us to help you make the decision easier for you in making your choice.

Types of beds

Here is a detailed list of all of the different types of beds from around the world that you can add to your bedroom / home.

1. Types of beds: Queen Panel Bed

Types of beds Willenburg Queen Panel Bed

Image source: furniture.retailcatalog.us

These are decorated versions, essentially, of platform beds.

These vary in that they have a headboard and footboard that is made of wood, and often looks divided and organized much like wood panelling that used to be all the rage in its day.

These normally are intended to support a boxspring, though, so they will normally have rails to make it possible.

2. Types of beds: Wooden Sleigh bed

Types of beds: Wooden sleigh bed

image source: andsotobed.co.uk

Originally popular in the French and American Empire period in the 19th century, sleigh beds are great pieces of furniture that are still marvelled at today.

They are typically made from wood (though they can be made from aluminum and other metals, and they have rolling headboards and footboards that allow for the image of a sleigh, and they always have soft sheets and other decadence associated with them.

They normally need an old fashioned, large room to make the image work.

3. Types of beds: Folding bed mattress

Types of beds: Folding Bed Mattress

image source: inspirationseek.com

There are many variants of this kind of bed. A folding bed is exactly what it sounds like, a bed that can fold up into a smaller version of itself when you are not in need of it.

This makes it a great option for sleepovers or spare bedrooms where you can just pop it into the closet or behind a couch and it will be ready for whatever you need it for.

4. Types of beds: Platform bed with molding

Types of beds: Platform bed with molding

image source: smedia.webcollage.net

These are especially popular in modern homes. They are held up on a slatted bed frame so that there is no need for a box spring.

The slats are often removable and you can spread them out where you want and need the most support for your mattress.

They still allow the proper ventilation to make sure that the mattress stays in good shape and has room to breathe. They often are associated with modern homes.

5. Types of beds: Murphy bed sofa combination

Types of beds: Murphy bed sofa combination

Image source: murphysofa.com

Traditionally when they were created, Murphy beds would slide into the wall when they were not in use.

Now days, they’ll fold into cabinets or other pieces of furniture and can often come with storage space options such as book cases or shelving to make them more homey, both when they’re folded down as well as when they’re in storage.

6. Types of beds: Carved pencil poster bed

Types of beds: Carved pencil poster bed

Image source: harringtondesignstudio.com

This is the exact same as a poster bed, but it is going to have thing pointed toppers that create the look of a pencil. These are often seen as more “aggressive” than typical poster beds.

Other than this distinction, however, they’re the same.

7. Types of beds: King low poster bed

Types of beds: King low poster bed

Image source: roomstogo.com

These also have four posts, but the poles on the four ends are short, maybe a few inches on top of the headboard and footboard. These are also topped with a shape of your choice.

These don’t tend to be as popular as the other styles.

8. Types of beds: Victorian half tester four poster bed

Types of beds: Victorian half tester four poster bed

Image source: munstonehouse.com

These are even more popular in many modern day homes. They have posts on the four corner as with the others, but the posts on the headboard are a few inches higher than the posts on the footboard.

Everything else is the same as your typical poster bed.

9. Types of beds: Kids trundle bed

Types of beds: Kids trundle bed

Image source: peimag.com

These are great for homes where kids share rooms, or you are looking for a way to add in another bed without any lost space.

They are essentially two beds in one (one will slide out from under the first one) and are popular for those that need to have more than one bed available with a short amount of notice. They’re popular for sleepovers.

10. Types of beds: Versailles french day bed

Types of beds: Versailles french day bed

Image source: i.ebayimg.com

These come in a variety of forms and options and they are beds that look like couches or loungers, but can be used as a bed when you are in need of it.

These don’t often fold out or down, they are simply there in the room and they are great for friends who need to crash for the night or unexpected guests.

11. Types of beds: Cube poster bed

Types of beds: Cube poster bed

Image source: naturalbedcompany.co.uk

These are traditional shapes and are regular beds with four poles, one in each corner. The poles are normally topped with something: a square or a circle.

These tend to be more for large rooms with regal kind of atmospheres.

12. Types of beds: Modern canopy bed

Types of beds: Modern canopy bed

Image source: freshome.com

This mimics a poster bed, but the four posts are all connected by a canopy of sorts, giving privacy to the person who sleeps in it. These tend to be old fashioned, but they are still popular today in many homes.

There are two main kinds of canopy beds to know about:

A. Traditional canopy bed:

These use the decorative wood and carvings, these are the kinds of beds that you would see in movies and old homes with traditional furniture. They are considered very fancy.

B. Contemporary canopy bed:

In comparison, these are fine and delicate with quiet framework and lack of carvings. These are much more modern and are popular in a lot of teens’ bedrooms, which will give you a “princess” feel to enjoy.

13. Types of beds: Adjustable bed

Types of beds: Adjustable bed

Image source: shopify.com

These still tend to be pretty new. They are adjustable in that you can move the feet or the head up and down and find some comfort in the position that you are going to be sleeping in.

These are great for those with back problems or senior citizens.

14. Types of beds: Chesterfield sofa bed

Types of beds: Chesterfield sofa bed

Image source: love-your-home.co.uk

As the name suggests, sofa beds are a folded mattress and frame inside of a couch and it folds out into a fully functioning bed.

These are popular in computer rooms or dorm rooms, where extra sleeping space is considered a huge plus.

15. Types of beds: Hanging bed

Types of beds: Hanging bed

Image source: homedit.com

These aren’t quite as common as most beds, but they are fascinating for all sorts of reasons. They hang directly from the ceiling, which is great for those who want to move the bed around or experience a different kind of comfort.

They can be adjusted up and down for different kinds of interests and people as well as lifesryles.

16. Types of beds: Deluxe couch bed

Types of beds: Deluxe couch bed

Image source: sleep-mart.com

This is similar to a sofa bed, but it is fancier. It will fold up, over, around (they’re all different) and create a comfortable and fully functional bed.

They are more modern than sofa beds and tend to be more comfortable. It will look like a top bunk bed with an open area below.

17. Types of beds: Hammock bed

Types of beds: Hammock bed

Image source: museum.loftbeds.net

This is not often used, but it offers a great option for those kids on sleepovers when you don’t have any other option. It is great for keeping kids from sleeping on the ground, too.

18. Types of beds: Bunk bed

Types of beds: Bunk bed

Image source: homedit.com

Bunk beds come in different types, but they all amount to the idea of having two single beds docked on top of the other.

These are great for rooms that siblings are sharing the space without taking up too much space in the actual room.

19. Types of beds: Loft bunk bed

Types of beds: Loft bunk bed

Image source: xiorex.com

These are great options for bunk bed. They have a bed on the top like a traditional bunk bed, but there is a couch or a desk below, making using the space if you have one child using the room.

Kids love having bunk beds, so this presents a fantastic option for fun and practicality as well.

20. Types of beds: L-shaped bunk bed

Types of beds: L-shaped bunk bed

Image source: lovi.thelionsrampant.com

These are normal bunk beds, but the top bunk can be swung out to run perpendicular to the other lower bed.

It allows the children to talk to each other and still stay in their own bunks, which is great for nervous parents throughout the night.

It also means they can interact. The L-shaped bed stores the same way a normal bunk bed would, as well.

21. Types of beds: Ottoman bed

Types of beds: Ottoman bed

Image source: gardenbarninc.com

Like a sofa bed, an ottoman can spread out into a small bed for children or smaller adults when it is needed in the home. A great option that is useful in many ways.

22. Types of beds: Divan bed

Types of beds: Divan bed

Image source: bedcentre.co.uk

With a cushioned headboard and storage built into the base of the bed, these are great for those who love squeezing in extra storage, or using the storage that is already there to the full advantage.

These are great for kids, too, for their toys.

23. Types of beds: Futon bed

Types of beds: Futon bed

Image source: theeastcoastorganicmattressstore.com

These are giant mattresses that fold up to be a couch and down to be a bed. Great for sleepovers and spare rooms alike, these are popular for dorm rooms.

24. Types of beds; Twin over full bunk

Types of beds; Twin over full bunk

Credit: finchslajolla.com

This is a great bed for several sleepers at once. The bottom bunk is very generous, being the largest part of the bed, allowing more than one person to sleep there.

The upper bunk acts like a twin bed, so two persons will be able to sleep in it without a problem.

25. Types of beds; Futon bunk

Types of beds; Futon bunk

Credit: mattressmall.com

This is a bed frame ideal for smaller room, where space is a problem. Because the bottom of the frame is a futon and the upper one is a nice twin bed, you can enjoy both a bed and a sitting area in one single place.

All you need to do is to fold it during the day and unfold it at night.

26. Types of beds; Bunk with trundle

Types of beds; Bunk with trundle

Credit: hello-furniture.com

This one is a bed frame that could easily accommodate three people, for sleeping comfortably.

It incorporates a bunk style that is traditionally made, plus the bottom bunk that features a trundle, making it a perfect place to sleep for one more.

27. Types of beds; Cabin

Types of beds; Cabin

Credit: highsleeper-beds.co.uk

This type of beds is the must-have of every family with children.

Being made in various sizes, coming in different colors and styles, this bed frames can be designed to help out reduce the clutter that is usually found in the kids’ room.

Also, it is worth noting that they can be made to have shelves, desks, drawers and other useful extensions.

28. Types of beds; Cot

Types of beds; Cot

Credit: mattressman.co.uk

This is a bed frame that will save you in case of unforeseen guests that stay overnight at your place.

Being foldable and easy to store, plus the fact that it is easy to carry around, the cot bed can be easily used only when needed.

29. Types of beds; Half tester

Types of beds; Half tester

Credit: divinedreams.co.uk

Very much appreciated back in the days, the half tester bed is very similar to the poster bed family type.

They have short legs, just like the old ones, but, instead of featuring a canopy that covers the entire bed, they come with one that spreads only over the headboard.

Some models may even have lights installed in this area. Even so, such a bed can be very elegant, for the ones that appreciate this design.

30. Types of beds; Storage

Types of beds; Storage

Credit: inmyinterior.com

This is a perfect bed frame when you need extra storage space. They are made in such a way so they can offer very generous spaces underneath, where you can place various belongings and reduce the cluster in your bedroom.

Also, additional drawers can be made on each side of the bed as well, which can also be used as storage spaces, for bed sheets and other smaller items.

31. Types of beds; Air

Types of beds; Air

Credit: uratex.com.ph

Even though such a bed may make you think about air mattresses, this is not the portable type of bed, being made for home use only.

They can be found both as foldable couches or as regular beds, so you can choose the type you appreciate the most.

Such a bed is recommended in case you have to manage various pains and aches, because its hardness and softness can be adjusted according to needs.

32. Types of beds; Water

Types of beds; Water

Credit: Pinterest

Water beds may seem like an ancient solution for some people, but they are still used a lot even today.

Such a bed appeared for the first time for medical purposes, but ended up in the bedrooms of very many people.

It can provide excellent support for your body, especially when turning and tossing at night. You can find it in a wide range of bed frames, size, and models.

Types of Bed Styles

In the following lines, you will learn more about the different bed styles that are available on the market.

Types of bed styles; Modern beds

Types of bed styles; Modern

Credit: ebay.com

The modern style for beds imposes simple and clear lines, with no decoration or very small decorative details. In most cases, modern beds are thin and may present several contemporary crossovers.

What is great about these beds is their ability to fit in any home and meet almost every requirement.

Types of bed styles; Cottage beds

Types of bed styles; Cottage beds

Credit: cottagehaveninteriors.com

Considered by many people outdated, cottage beds have their headboards heavily decorated, with carved wood or painted details. But, this doesn’t mean that can’t be simple.

There are cottage beds with simpler design, like a white paint job to cover the wood of the bed or a headboard that is slightly curved.

Types of bed styles; Mission beds

Types of bed styles; Mission beds

Credit: amishshowroom.com

It is hard to find anything that can be compared with this bed design. The entire design is based on horizontal and vertical lines, plus the presence of panels that are flat, making the wood grains stand out.

It is a type of bed that could easily fit in any room style and décor, so don’t hesitate to consider it an option.

Types of bed styles; Traditional beds

Types of bed styles; Traditional beds

Credit: Pinterest

A traditional bed can have various details that come from the old days, like a canopy, half tester, poster, and others.

Such a bed can be both elegant and sophisticated, giving your bedroom that timeless air you’re looking to get.

Types of bed styles; Country beds

Types of bed styles; Country beds

Credit: neoguidesystems.com

Country beds have a rather simple design and are made entirely out of wood. The headboard of such a bed is usually tall and flat. Sometimes, it may appear like paneling with posts.

You may also find beds made out of logs as well, for a real rustic experience.

Types of bed styles; Retro beds

Types of bed styles; Retro beds

Credit: warrenevans.com

A bed with a retro style has both vintage and old fashioned elements, while still managing to display a modern note.

They are very versatile and fit in almost any décor you may have in your bedroom, not to mention that they are capable of attracting all the attention on them.

Types of bed styles; Rustic beds

Types of bed styles; Rustic beds

Credit: hashook.com

The rustic bed style looks a lot with the country one, although you will hardly find any modern elements to the rustic bed. But if you like vintage styles, this bed will be more than suitable.

It fits in homes where old fashioned elements are present, such a bed only completing the room.

Types of bed styles; French

Types of bed styles; French beds

Credit: andsotobed.co.uk

A bed that has a French style is very romantic and elegant. They are very comfortable for sitting up in them, because they resemble very much the upholstery beds.

Also, the footboard and headboard are very attractive, containing romantic details.

Types of bed styles; Mid-Century beds

Types of bed styles; Mid-Century beds

Credit: midcentury.sweetteacharters.com

Another beautiful bed style with vintage accents, this type of bed has both elements of traditional styles and some coming from the 1900s.

You may also find beds that have the headboard and footboard upholstered in materials with old fashioned models.

Types of bed frames style

Finally, to complete our incursion in the world of bed designs, we are going to present the numerous styles for frames you can choose from.

Types of bed frames; Metal

Types of bed frames; Metal

Credit: mattressonline.co.uk

The frames made out of metal are the lightest and cheapest ones you can find on the market. A bed made out of this type of frame is easy to move around and even to adjust its size.

But, of course, if you get a bed that has the headboard and footboard connected to the bed, its size won’t be adjustable.

For this, you’ll need just the base for support. The base comes, in most cases, together with box springs.

Still, in case of bunk bed, there won’t be any box springs, just a set of bars placed to keep the mattress in place.

Types of bed frames; Wood

Types of bed frames; Wood

Credit: guidepatterns.com

Wood is one of the oldest and still one of the most preferred materials when it comes to bed frames.

It is highly versatile, numerous bed styles resulting from the use of wood, so it is hard not to find one that suits your needs.

Wood has the power to make a room look warm and welcoming, so both you and your guests will appreciate wooden beds regardless of situation.

Types of bed frames; Woven

Types of bed frames; Woven

Credit: zaynafurniture.com

Also known as wickers, the woven bed frames are considered as being old fashioned and are appreciated only by a particular segment of clients.

If you are looking to give a country touch to your home, this is the type of frames to look for.

Even if they are relatively sturdy, they are light weighed, so it won’t be a problem to move them around if needed.

Types of bed frames; Brass

Types of bed frames; Brass

Credit: beds.dryfallscellars.com

Brass is a very elegant and glamorous version for the plain metal, bed frames made out of this material being light but very resistant.

They can come with headboard that is curved or a design made out of vertical bars.

Types of bed frames; Upholstered

Types of bed frames; Upholstered

Credit: beds.dryfallscellars.com

It is impossible to remain indifferent at the sight of upholstered bed frames. They are beautiful and very elegant, being also highly comfortable when sitting up in bed.

They are more than enough to decorate your bedroom in an elegant manner, having in mind that some of them have a classy buttoned design.

Types of bed frames; Ornate

Types of bed frames; Ornate

Credit: Pinterest

If you have an ornate frame to your bed, you don’t need any other decorative item to make your room look amazing.

These frames have incredible details and are very elegant, not to mention that they can be personalized or made according to the preferences of the client.

If you are wondering how such a frame is looking like, just check out Victorian bed models, and you will see them decorating these sophisticated beds.

Types of bed frames; Wrought iron

Types of bed frames; Wrought iron

Credit: cybball.com

Bed frames made out of wrought iron are perfect if you want something elegant, yet with a vintage look and highly resistant in time.

Concerning the design in this case, it is rather simple but eye catching, especially in the headboard and footboard area.

Also, it is worth mentioning that these frames are quite heavy as well.

Types of bed frames; Bookcase

Types of bed frames; Bookcase

Credit: etsy.com

If you love enjoying a book before bedtime or you just need some additional space for your personal belongings, the bookcase bed frame will give you exactly what you need.

The frame is indeed a bookcase and provides additional space you can use in your bedroom.

Types of bed frames; Distressed

Types of bed frames; Distressed

Credit: Pinterest

When laying your eyes on a distressed bed frame, you may be tempted to believe that it was saved from a very old house, probably since the 1950s.

Well, they are not, as these bed frames are made to look this way, through the manufacturing process.

The worn out design is obtained with paint strippers and sand papers, which make the frame appear like being overused in some areas.

Types of bed frames; Light

Types of bed frames; Light

Credit: homedit.com

If you don’t want to use lamps or don’t have any space for lamps at all, the lighted bed frames could easily solve this problem.

They have lights embedded in their design so you won’t need additional lighting fixtures.

And since they come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, it is easy to find one that suits your needs.

Types of bed frames; Bottom line

Types of bed frames; Bottom line

Credit: envisagenews.co.nz

We hope that after reading all these lines you will know more about the styles, designs, and types of bed frames that are out there, so you can make the best choice for your bedroom.

The bedroom is an important part of your home, so it is only natural to want to decorate it in the same style as the rest of your house and in concordance with your personal style.

Thus, whether you need a new bed that fits with the existing style or you are looking to completely flip the look of your bedroom, this list was made to help you out in making the right decision.

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