18 Chic and Modern TV Wall Mount Ideas for Living Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas -Television is one of the most dominant mass media in the world. Tv is much stronger than the Internet, and every family has at least 2/3 televisions in the home.

Programs broadcasting on the TV include various topics, sporting events, documentaries, films, fiction, cultural insights, journalistic inquiries, information, cooking programs, reality shows.

Everyone will surely find a program that manages to entertain and to interest him at all times of the day.

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The power of television is unlimited, it is capable of influencing people’s lives (as Sidney Lumet’s “Network” or “Mad City” with John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman tells), and their political and financial choices and must be managed properly in order not to influence people negatively.

The design of the TV has undergone a significant evolution over time, starting from the cathode ray tube models in black and white, to get the color models and the screen flat.

The introduction of smart devices has introduced a new big evolution for TVs, which have become real computers equipped with Wi-Fi connection and the ability to surf the Internet.

The programs can be streamed on the main Internet sites (YouTube or Netflix), and many companies have created a streaming service (Amazon Video or WWE Network).

Televisions now have flat screens; they can broadcast in full HD, 4K can be mounted on the wall and are curved to engage the viewer more. The 3D glasses have allowed the film to become more realistic.

The evolution of TV has allowed this media to become more and more important, and future technological creations, such as wearable devices, will allow you to enter more and more into the action.

Video games have evolved along with the evolution of TV, becoming Hollywood productions that can engage more and more the viewer.

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The television then it is essential in the furnishing of a house, and the room the TV is the center of social life of a family.

Designers have created innovative solutions for positioning the latest TV models in the midst of original furnishing accessories to create unique products that will make the room and visual experience unique.

Join us on this journey where technology meets creativity, producing exceptional results that have allowed designers to win prizes for their innovation and attention to detail.

These designs are not only a way to furnish a room, but real works of art, a tribute to technology and human capacity to evolve steadily over the course of its history.

Unusual antique TV wall mount ideas

Unusual antique TV wall mount ideas
Credit: lookyna.com

An exquisite and refined design that allows all the people to spend some beautiful nights watching all the programs they want.

The finishes and the tapestry are produced with precious materials that will surprise your guests.

Your evening in front of the TV will be unforgettable thanks to this design and thanks to the creativity of the designer.

Contemporary-antique TV wall mount ideas

Contemporary-antique TV wall mount ideas
Credit: bloggienotes.com

An essential design that includes only the television and audio speakers. This design has deleted any additional accessory to only focus on the important items.

Which are the TV and audio speakers, which allow you to make the most of Dolby technologies and listen to every sound in the best way.

A message that encourages people to lose the unnecessary things to focus on just what is important and necessary to get the most out of life.

Stylish wooden TV wall mount ideas

Stylish wooden TV wall mount ideas
Credit: googleusercontent.com

This design is very homely and intimate; the small round wooden table allows you to spend some very intimate moments in the family with your partner and children to watch a movie or play together with a video game.

This design allows people to build memories destined to last forever.

Black TV wall mount ideas with red carpet

Black TV wall mount ideas with red carpet
Credit: idomina.lt

This design is suitable for a young and dynamic person, to a family that loves watching sports together comfortably and be able to participate together in any event.

The Tv does not occupy the center of the room to leave much more space for the aggregation and participation in the family activities.

The modern and dynamic furnishings represent the modern family, which uses technological innovations but respects traditions.

Floral pattern black wall for wall mount TV

Floral pattern black wall for wall mount TV
Credit: Pinterest

This design is suitable for people who want to watch their favorite programs with their friends.

The TV is in the middle of the room, while the sofas are set to allow everyone to have the best view and to be able to watch all the action.

An evolution of the stories around the fire, the TV has taken the place of the fire, but the story is always the same.

Wall mount TV design with wood clad floating shelf

Wall mount TV design with wood clad floating shelf
Credit: Pinterest

A modern and innovative design, with impressive furnishing, made up of essential lines with the predominance of dark colors.

A design that allows you to focus on furnishings and on TV to allow everyone to watch their favorite programs without any distraction.

The carpet resumes the color of the shelf, with a very delicate and pleasant effect.

Wood wall mount TV ideas

Wood wall mount TV ideas
Credit: outletmobilya.net

A design that seems to have come out on a winter evening, from a wooden hut inhabited by two lovers.

The fire in the fireplace warms the heart and body, and the screen allows you to watch a romantic film to create a great passion.

A design that combines the TV to the power of love.

Glass wall mount idea for TV

Glass wall mount idea for TV
Credit: deavita.fr

This design is highly technological. The LEDs behind the TV give the impression of a window, and the screen is hung from hooks on the wall to create the impression to penetrate into our lives through the window to give us all the information we need.

This design is also suitable for creating a meeting room for a technological business.

Lime and also green TV wall mount ideas

Lime and also green TV wall mount ideas
Credit: museedeslettres.fr

A design that is inspired by Brazil, a country full of life and energy. The designer used the yellow and green colors, loads of life, energy, and hope, the green of the forests and the yellow of the sun.

The furnishings symbolize the Brazilian beaches and their comfort. The TV is on the sidelines; it seems almost not wanting to disturb the perfection of Brazil and the designer’s tribute.

Red and white TV wall mount decor

Red and white TV wall mount decor
Credit: homestylemobilya.com

A highly innovative and technological design. Tv has a central role and can work together with your computer to get an excellent result.

The DVDs are full of interesting data, and the color red is a color that represents all the energy that technology can give to our lives.

We should integrate the technology in our lives to be always up-to date.

TV wall mount ideas with purple background

TV wall mount ideas with purple background
Credit: kupinamestaj.rs

This living room wall mount idea works excellent for people that even if not young in age are young by heart.

The purple history with the suspended rack adds a younger touch to the room.

TV wall mount ideas with black and white interior

TV wall mount ideas with black and white interior
Credit: dhgate.com

A design that is loved by children. The designer’s idea of drawing clouds and bluing the wall on which the TV is hanging is great because it gives the impression that the screen comes from heaven like it is a novelty and a technological miracle.

This design is the best way to introduce a child to the world of technology and to entertain the kid.

Silver and white TV wall mount ideas

Silver and white TV wall mount ideas
Credit: bytebody.us

This design is perfect for a corporate meeting room. White is a color that allows you to focus only on TV, where the CEO may appear to explain the new business strategies and all employees can listen from the sofas and taking notes on the table.

A beautiful example of how technology can affect the world of work.

Contemporary TV wall mount ideas

Contemporary TV wall mount ideas
Credit: ineoteric.com

The technological flat TV screen seems to be inserted into a frame as if the TV was a picture to hang and watch every day, a metaphor of the television as modern art representation.

The nice color used to paint the wall and beautiful white sofas, which do not directly observe the TV, allowing people to exchange comments on the show they are watching.

Wall mount TV design in a red scheme living room

Wall mount TV design in a red scheme living room
Credit: amazinghomes.info

This design is a beautiful example of evolution.

The furniture and the furnishings are beautiful, with an innovative design, able to surprise us with their creativity, while the TV is an evolution of the evenings spent in front of the fireplace in the last century.

The TV took the place of the fire, and its aggregating power has allowed people to open their minds.

Home theater with tall mounted TV

Home theater with tall mounted TV
Credit: teamne.net

Minimalist design, focusing only on the TV and DVD player. A clear message from the designer, TV is just a device we use to entertain and inform us.

We need to decide what kind of use we want to do with the media and we must use it in the best possible way, choosing the accessories we want, such as the DVD player.

A message to sensitize humanity to use the technology in the best possible way.

Modern living room TV wall mount ideas

Modern living room TV wall mount ideas
Credit: argan-club.com

A design where black is the main color and some conveniences are sacrificed to have a very minimalist design, attentive to detail.

The TV is hanging on the wall, and the two libraries are ready to keep all the DVDs of the most exciting programs, and the lamp allows you to focus all the attention on one spot to put the TV at the center of the scene.

White TV wall mount ideas with base cabinet

White TV wall mount ideas with base cabinet
Credit: luxuryfurnituremr.com

An empathetic and elegant design. White is used intelligently to give the feeling of order and cleanliness, a healthy environment where you can watch exciting educational programs and improve yourself as people and improve your friends.

A message to all TV critics, with proper use, is the best media in the world.

TV wall mount ideas are tough ahead by yet are likewise important when you are trying to find establishing your enjoyment zone, specifically in your living room.

You can utilize a few of the ideas we have actually shared below and also set up an outstanding TV area right within your living room.

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