Stylish Kids Bedroom and Trendy Nursery Ideas

Lets start your little design fan off on the right foot with a stylish space of their own. Discover this kids bedroom and nursery ideas that are fun and fashionable.

Looking for ideas to create a space your kids will love?

A child’s room is the perfect place to explore imaginative ideas, from an ark-shaped bookshelf to butterfly wallpaper to neon bed frames. Go wacky with polka dots or try a more classic pastel aesthetic—whatever the theme, this is one room that is sure to stand out.

So step away from the pale pink and baby blue and get ready to design a room that’s as unique as your kids are (and as tidy as you’d like them to be). Here are 20+ examples kids or toddler bedroom ideas to provide inspiration for your child’s next bedroom update.

Let’s check this out!

1. Triangle pattern kids bedroom ideas

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2. Contrast color scheme

transitional-nursery kids bedroom ideas

Photography: Red Acorn Photography

This space was converted into a nursery for a cool wee dude. The clients wanted a room soft enough for an infant but edgy enough to grow with him as he ages through toddler into the tween years. We used a contrasting color scheme by pairing a pale blue/green with charcoal grey to get the urban feel, Mom and Dad were looking for.

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3. Design of an office and a children’s room

Design of an office and a children's room

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4. Scandinavian kids bedroom ideas

Scandinavian kids bedroom ideas

Fresh and calm touch kids bedroom ideas with nursery. Lets check this other photos below for more detail about this project.

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5. Finn’s animal nursery

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6. Alphabet wall art kids bedroom

Alphabet wall art kids bedroom ideas 1

An eclectic mix of colors and patterns were used to create the art above our baby’s bed. Most of the letters were covered in scrapbook paper or painted with acrylic paints. The quilt was made by my daughter, mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law.

This is the room created for baby boy. The walls were painted in Behr’s ‘Castle Path’ with a striped feature wall at the end of the room.

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7. Lauren nursery

Lauren nursery and kid bedroom ideas

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8. Modern and stylish kids bedroom ideas

Bright white walls and custom made beds. The perfect spot for little ones to play and dream.

Bright white walls and custom made beds. The perfect spot for little ones to play and dream.

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9. Galaxy be like child bedroom ideas

galaxy be like child bedroom ideas

The Solar System inspired toddler’s room is filled with hand-painted and ceiling suspended planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and other exciting objects.

10. Toddler bunk beds

Toddler bunk beds

This custom designed bunk room would suite a range of ages. Pops of bright colors provide a fresh and youthful spirit to the room. The custom designed bunk beds are fitted specifically for the room.

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