10 Simple Kitchen Organization and Upgrade Ideas

If I had to list three most hectic and stressful spots at home, one of them will be a kitchen. Are you with me? It’s tiring and stressful sometimes when it’s possibilities wake us up in the morning and force us racing against a time, to prepare a breakfast, before office hours starts counting down.

Worse when our kitchen already submitted to clutters. It’s time for changes. I’ll give you ten simple kitchen organization and up great ideas that will be useless unless you can invest few hours of your weekend. You can take one, two, or all.

10. Investing Clock Blind Corner Cabinets Pull-Out Shelves

Investing Clock Blind Corner Cabinets Pull-Out Shelves

One of the biggest challenges that you may have in the kitchen is when you have to find specific sauces stored deep inside the cabinets. Sometimes, you unload all the things already in the cabinet first before you find a single barbeque sauce jar that you need. And it’s exhausting.

Image above is a product photo from a brand called Rev-a-shelves. I just found it in Amazon and I have to tell you it gives me a mini heart attack you can get one of those for around $200 or $400. Honestly, I began to feel guilty myself telling you these information.

Anyway you can get cheaper version from a same brand called Roll’em Out Shelves 1/2 moon lazy susan, or Rev-a-Shelves 33″ Half moon Susan 2-Shelf blind corner organizers. Compare it before you decide to purchase and let’s continue with next idea.

9. Big Woven basket for Sheet Pans and Cutting Boards

Big Woven basket for Sheet Pans and Cutting Boards

To freshen up the look of your kitchen, actually you don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money. This idea for example, only requires one, or two, big woven baskets. It will comfort your favorite cooking magazines or sheet pans or cutting boards.

This idea is recommended only if you don’t lay them dormant on your kitchen floor. To avoid accidents, place the basket next to your cabinets, on the worktop, on an open shelf, hang them on the wall, hook them under the kitchen cabinets, or wherever you want as long as you can’t reach them securely, quickly, and easily.

8. Pot Lid Organizers

Pot Lid Organizers

Is storing bulky kitchen utensils like pots “challenging” for you? Do you want to keep them tidy without gobbling up a lot of space in your cabinet?

First idea, install some hooks on the cabinet’s doors, they will hold the lids in place. Second, purchase towel bars and install it on the cabinet’s door. Third idea, used unused CD rack you have for years collecting dust in your garage.

For your information, you probably can fetch them for free from nearest garage sales in your complex. That’s it, group your lids separately from your pots and your next job is learning idea number seven.

7. How to Organize Cooking Magazines?

How to Organize Cooking Magazines?

Who doesn’t love reading cooking magazines? Not only you can find plenty information about scrumptious food recipe but also clutters. They are not always bad thought.

With some magazine holders, they can be a unique part of your kitchen decoration. If you don’t want to buy them, you can take cereal boxes. Clean them and cut them off to form magazine holders.

With this idea, not only you can free your eyes from messy stack magazines, but also you give your worktop more spaces.

[su_note note_color=”#6ad74e”]Bonus tip; If you have plenty cooking magazines in your kitchen, finding your favorite recipes won’t always be a breeze. Therefore, tear pages containing your favorite recipes, make three holes at one of the edges, and put them in a binder. It’s easier to find now![/su_note]

6. Group everything’s

Group everything's

Do you find it hard to get white vinegar or baking soda you need when you thought you already have stored all condiments, snacks, and supplies you have in right cabinets?

If your answer is yes, it means you need a new reorganizing work.

For example, if you have some open shelves over the worktop, use that area to store your go-to spices and utensils, but, still, group them together based on their types or functions.

Same thing for your pantry. Organize your open shelves like how supermarket organize their stocks. Group them based on their types.

This idea will enable you locating your favorite snacks and pasta easier even when mild amnesia hit you. I guess.

5. Rustic Storage Boxes

Rustic Storage Boxes

Theoretically, you can turn any unused box or casing into a storage solution as long as it is solid and has volume like old cheese box.

Few things you can do with this item.

  • Holding your go-to condiments in place
  • Storing spoons and forks
  • Storing sachets of sugar, coffee, and tea bags
  • Re-function as a traditional cheese storage (why not)

4. Built-in Paper Towel

Built-in Paper Towel

It’s not there when you need them! This idea will permanently solve your bad relationship.

First, sacrifice your unfavorite drawer and replace it with a paper towel rod, because it’s time to make your own built-in paper towel. If possible, give up a drawer that sits near your stove or kitchen sink.

That’s way, you can easily use it ini a jiffy when you need them.

3. Dandelion Pendant Lamps

Dandelion Pendant Lamps

Not only giving your kitchen new paint, you can also gesture your kitchen up by installing pendant lights.

Old, new or DIY products, they will add new charms to your kitchen instantly. Whatever you give or use, your kitchen will always agree. Whether you crafted them from true crystals or imitations.

Whatever light bulbs you choose to illuminate your pendant, hang them over the busiest spots in your kitchen. Like above your kitchen island or the dining table.

2. Colored Refrigerator

Colored Refrigerator

Bring contrast to your kitchen makeover plan and then move your focus to other amenities you already have in your kitchen.

If you feel desperate to get enough budget to repaint your entire kitchen wall, try with your fridge. You can find several useful video tutorial on YouTube.

If those videos couldn’t help you, lower your expectation and check your fridge’s handle. With small modification, you probably can bring a new pop.

[su_note note_color=”#6ad74e”]Bonus tips; Don’t shame your refrigerator with stickers.[/su_note]

1. Obviously, Clean It

Obviously, Clean It

After talking about lots of ideas to make up your kitchen, getting your kitchen cleaned is the most indispensable of all.

It’s no use changing your kitchen wall’s color, replace the backsplash, and replace your old kitchen cabinets with something from IKEA, if your kitchen is filthy.

There are countless cleaning hacks that you can try out for your kitchen.

For example, you can clean your cutting boards by pouring a lot of salt onto them and scrub the surface using half of lemon before rinsing with water.

Else, did you know that wet sponge can clean greases in your microwave?

First, put the sponge inside your microwave for two minutes and once it is no longer hot, use it to wipe your nasty greases.

Also you can make your stovetop burners look like a brand new one by putting in plastic ziplocs.

Add 1/4 cup of ammonia, seal the bags, and place them outside for a night. In the following morning, wipe them with a sponge outside. And remember! Don’t add any bleach to the ammonia. It’s hazardous!

So, those are 10 simple kitchen organization and upgrade ideas that you can try after reading this article.

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