Awesome Room Divider Ideas That can Work in Nearly any Space

Room Divider Ideas – In most of the houses, the bedroom is a room independent of the others, in which to enter through a door. The same applies to the living room or kitchen, each room is entirely separate from the others, and each room has a specific purpose.

However, there are particular situations where it is necessary to optimize the space and use a room for several purposes, for example by combining the bedroom and the living room or the bedroom and the kitchen.

This is the case for tiny apartments, families with many children or houses intended for summer holidays only. This is a solution that is also widely used for studios.

In a nutshell, we use individual panels, or separators or furniture, to “divide” the room into different sections, thus creating space for the bed or for what needs to be placed.

Many people do not like this system, because they are afraid to look “poor” and have to optimize space due to lack of alternatives, but in reality, this solution, if used with creativity, allows you to gain space, make the house better and create design entirely.

In this article we have selected the best current proposals regarding separators, to show what they can do if used in the best way and what you can create in your studio.

Of course, all designs can be applied to any home, even to larger ones.

These are innovative and creative ideas, both economical and expensive, that will surely make your home and your room very special.

Bathroom Divider Ideas

1. Finnish sauna

beach style bathroom divider

credit; Chris Cloete Photography

Why go out of your house and spend money on going to a wellness center when you can have a personal Finnish sauna inside your home thanks to an intelligent separation?

A simple wooden panel manages to recreate the classic atmosphere of a Finnish sauna, a place to relax, lose weight and take care of your body.

Why spend money? Being creative is the real way to save money!

2. The golden wood shower

contemporary bathroom divider

Credit; Peter Gumpesberger & Toni Hafkenscheid

In this design, the bathroom is divided from the living room with a beautiful play of light of this golden wood as curtain, which seems to create the impression of a real golden shower.

To achieve this optical effect, the designer has exploited the lighting in the room and the bathroom in an excellent way.

An innovative way to have a moment of privacy and amaze all your guests.

3. Dawson lapsley, room divider ideas for bathroom

Dawson Lapsley, Room Divider Ideas for Bathroom

In this design the designer has chosen to use a vintage look, elements of decoration that seem to belong to the last century, to give the impression of a bathroom that has remained immune to the natural flow of time.

Accessories, the particular lamps, everything seems to come out of an era too far for us, but incredibly fascinating, where technology had not yet taken the full control over our lives.

4. The invisible division

The invisible division

There are many ways to divide a room and create two separate spaces, this photo highlights a very innovative way of sharing a room, using only a glass panel. An invisible division, which however makes it possible to have two completely different places.

There is a division, but it is truly transparent, perhaps it does not exist, but we behave as if it were present.

Perhaps the message is that the divisions are only inside our head?

5. The Caterpillar

curtain room divider

credit; EnviroHomeDesign LLC

This division was designed with the purpose to make children happy. The mascot of the room is the cute colored caterpillar, which is a great friend of every child.

The Caterpillar-sponsored shower curtain allows children to be washed in complete privacy and will make them feel at ease.

The caterpillar is the friend of children, creates a bathroom suitable for your kid.

6. The anti-water glass wall

credit; Mark Scowen, Intense Photograpghy

One of the main problems of the toilet is the risk of flooding the whole room and those nearby. Fortunately, architects are always working to solve any possible problem, and they have also solved the problem of water by creating this anti-water wall.

A simple glass plate will limit the water path and save the rest of the room from the risk of flooding. A simple idea, an innovative division, a success for creativity.

7. Rustic bathroom divider glass wall

rustic bathroom divider

This theme is inspired by the wildest and most uncontaminated nature, the dominant species and ability to communicate the idea of power and high strength.

Thanks to the wood and the glass panel, which seems to be the water of a waterfall, it appears to be in the heart of the black forest, in a pristine place, billions of years old, were to be in contact with Mother Nature.

8. Shabby chic style bathroom divider ideas

Shabby chic style bathroom divider ideas

credit; LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography

This separator seemed to come a long time ago; it seems to have belonged to some grandmother, who used her limited means available to solve any problem.

Privacy is guaranteed by a simple piece of wood, a simple idea, which shows that it is possible to solve all the problems with little means if we have creativity and desire to get involved.

The real limits are not money, but those that we have inside our head.

9. The locker divider room

Room Divider for Bathroom

credit; Thomas Dalhoff,

How to create a professional locker room in no time?

Simple, very simple: creatively use two pieces of furniture and optimize the available space, two side-by-side pieces of furniture can become an excellent professional dressing room, with plenty of space available for many athletes.

Do you want to create your private locker room? Now you know how to do it.

10. Victorian School Refurbishment

Victorian School Refurbishment

credit; Photography Simon Maxwell

In this design, the architect chose to play and to stage a little provocation. The separator used is very similar to the shape of a prison cell, with small bars that prevent the prisoner from escaping.

Perhaps the message is not to isolate ourselves too much from the rest of the world? Every person lives in a golden cage; we must not make it too oppressive.

11. Rest; rustic wood divider room

This separator has only one purpose: to relax each person immediately. Wood can communicate a feeling of peace and wellbeing, the bathroom is ready to relax every man, and the water cleans the stress and dirt of the world.

If you want to relax you have just found the solution to all your problems.

12. Tropical bathroom divider ideas

tropical bathroom divider ideas

This Hawaiian home takes nature to the interior by highlighting custom items like concrete bathtubs and sinks. The large, pocket doors create the walls to this home–walls that can be added and removed as desired.

This Kukio home rests on the sunny side of the Big Island and serves as a perfect example of our style, blending the outdoors with the inside of a home.

13. Mid-century bathroom divider

mid century room divider

credit; Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry

Mid-century was the peak of Palm Springs glamour, and the inspiration behind this room designed by Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry. The angular lines of the Seagram® Freestanding Soaking Tub made it a dynamic focal point for their design.

Behind it lies the tropical indoor / outdoor shower, a refreshing expression of desert modernism. Bright whites, bursts of colors and organic patterns are all set off by a few rich hits of quirky fun, setting the tone for a true sense of leisure that’s as timeless today as it was yesterday.

14. Facet room divider

facet room divider


We used a room divider called ‘Room Divider Facet‘ by Blooming to give the water closet a bit of privacy without making the bathroom feel chopped up. The window spans the vanity and the water closet – and the white floor tile keeps the space feeling clean. Setting the black tile up to the ceiling creates the feeling of higher ceilings and a crisp look.

15. Industrial bathroom divider

industrial bathroom divider

credit; Matthew Millman

Published around the world: Master Bathroom with low window inside shower stall for natural light. Shower is a true-divided lite design with tempered glass for safety. Shower floor is of small cararra marble tile. Interior by Robert Nebolon and Sarah Bertram. See full review about this home.

16. Standing screen sandwiched bathroom divider

Standing screen sandwiched bathroom divider


Free-standing onyx shower screen sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass supported only along the bottom edge in a slot in the limestone floor is an engineering feet as well as a stunning; one of a kind centrepiece.

Bedroom Divider Ideas

1. The parenthesis room divider

The parenthesis room divider

Room dividers can take innovative and harmonious shapes, like the brackets. A delicate curve, which looks very much like an oriental screen, which creates an intimate and safe environment, where you can sleep, rest and spend time with your partner in total privacy.

To achieve this separation, only a parenthesis is needed, which almost seems like a protective shell, which protects from everyday life and stress.

2. Simple black panel room divider

Simple black panel room divider

credit; Weisshouse

A minimalist design, which gets the best with the least result, or to obtain a separation between a living room and the bed.

A simple black panel, with a modern and minimalist design, attentive to details, which creates a clear separation between the two portions of the same room.

The bed and armchairs have the same color, a touch of continence that reduces the feeling of separation.

3. Simple golden curtain

curtain bedroom divider Poul Ober

credit; Poul Ober

A bedroom full of light, which seems almost flooded with gold and light. To achieve this separation, only good lighting and a golden curtain are needed, which will help the designer create the best possible environment for a golden bedroom.

Gold and light will help you relax and sleep better, thanks to the feeling of peace and serenity that you can create. Golden dreams, a small separation for an excellent result.

4. Eclectic bedroom divider

eclectic bedroom divider Patrick Sordoillet

credit; Patrick Sordoillet

A bedroom does not necessarily have to occupy much space, in many cases only the strictly necessary space for the bed is sufficient. This aspect is emphasized in this separation, using a piece of furniture and a single panel to create the perfect space for a bed.

What are the advantages of this room separation?

Less space wasted for something that is not necessary, a minimum cost, little use of materials, maximum results with minimum effort thanks to creativity.

5. Hanging bedroom divider by Susan Teare

Susan Teare

credit; Susan Teare

Thanks to a single separation, a room can be divided into two distinct parts, genuinely different from each other, such as day and night, and this design fully represents this clash of styles.

The living room is the day, a room full of light, colored, with a beautiful wooden roof, while the bedroom is the night, wrapped in light darkness, which protects privacy but does not make everything invisible, with a large double bed that takes the center of the scene.

Day and night, two expressions of life.

6. Modern separation era

Industrial sliding bedroom divider Eric Straudmeier

credit; Eric Straudmeier

In this design the designer has chosen to create a current and exciting separation environment, using sliding doors to create the necessary space for a small, but comfortable bedroom in a flat.

The doors are very well matched to the parquet, they are excellent for privacy, and it is a very innovative solution. The poster of King Kong is gorgeous, a vintage touch that makes the modernity of design more appealing.

7. Paramount bedroom divider ideas

paramount bedroom divider ideas Distinctive Remodeling & Dustin Peck Photography

credit; Distinctive Remodeling & Dustin Peck Photography

This kind of separation seems to have come directly from the Far East. Perhaps the designer had the idea from a recent trip to Japan? Maybe.

A wooden separator panel creates the privacy necessary for the bedroom, giving life to a delicate and intimate atmosphere, which allows you to rest and have the feeling of being in a truly safe place.

The painting recalls water, which together with wood are synonymous with tranquility.

8. Scandinavian shelve bedroom divider

scandinavian bedroom divider Elayne Barre

credit; Elayne Barre

This separation is very innovative and exciting, especially for people who have the opportunity and the privilege of being able to work from their home.

An open piece of furniture, in the shape of squares, which allows you to control your computer while remaining in bed, separates the work area from the rest area, allowing you to have your space and work in your pajamas.

A separation dedicated to all freelancers.

9. Garage of privacy

sliding barn bedroom divider

I bet the creator of this separation had a garage in his parents’ house and used it as a place to develop his teenage pastimes.

In this design, the separation takes place with a large sliding door, which is very similar to that of a garage, which isolates entirely from the outside world and which allows two things: complete privacy and the feeling of being inside a protective bubble against the evil of the world.

10. Glass sliding door

sliding glass bedroom divider

Many detractors of room separations argue that these are harmful activities, as the amount of light entering a room would be significantly reduced.

Well, this design is the answer to this urban legend, and the designer has only used glass to make the two rooms full of light and suitable for every activity. The separation of the lens is shielded, and therefore even the privacy of the bedroom is saved.

11. African traditional room divider

traditional bedroom divider


The central theme of this design is the tribals of African origin. They are used in the panel that separates the bed from the small corridor and is present in the paintings attached to the wall.

Furthermore, Africa is very present with decorations, particular lamps and the use of parquet.
This design is inspired by a distant country, an oasis of savage in an overcast of concrete.

12. Rustic and sophisticated

White Hanging Room Divider Kit

credit; Ross Anania

This design has managed to combine two elements that are incompatible because they are too far away, that is elegance and style and a rural setting.

The separation, in this case, happens with a curtain, almost a curtain that introduces people into a completely different world, the elegant and refined living room and the bedroom, with a rustic wall with exposed bricks.

The proof that the prejudices are not real, but they are only limitations inside our head.

13. The guardian of the gate

The guardian of the gate room divider ideas

This design is very particular for the unique optical illusion that can give. The designer has chosen to create something new and engaging for the people who live in that house, developing the optical illusion of the gatekeeper.

The panel placed in the middle of the passage seems to be a guardian, ready to protect the occupants of the other portion of the room. A nice optical illusion and an excellent, innovative idea.

14. 360 studio bedroom divider

360 studio bedroom divider

This design is indeed one of the most innovative ideas of recent times and shows how it is possible to be creative and to create something extraordinary.

The separation does not necessarily have to be huge, you just need a small corner, created with the positioning of a piece of furniture, to have a real little paradise for a man: a comfortable armchair, an HD screen where he can watch his favorite sport, some books and the chance to spend some moments alone.

15. Westlake residence bedroom divider

Westlake residence bedroom divider

credit; Allison Cartwright

Nestled between multiple stands of Live Oak trees, the Westlake Residence is a contemporary Texas Hill Country home. The house is designed to accommodate the entire family, yet flexible in its design to be able to scale down into living only in 2,200 square feet when the children leave in several years.

The home includes many state-of-the-art green features and multiple flex spaces capable of hosting large gatherings or small, intimate groups. The flow and design of the home provides for privacy from surrounding properties and streets, as well as to focus all of the entertaining to the center of the home.

Finished in late 2006, the home features Icynene insulation, cork floors and thermal chimneys to exit warm air in the expansive family room.

16. Khaki hanging room divider kit

Khaki Hanging Room Divider Kit


Looking for a great way to divide a room, create privacy, or hide clutter? RoomDividersNow curtain room dividers present a creative and sleek way to divide space within minutes.

Our unique room dividers can be combined to separate space up to 20 feet wide. Whether you live in a shared bedroom, studio, dorm, or apartment, our top quality room dividers can separate and compliment your space with ease.

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