Mind-Blowing Fishing Rod Storage Ideas You Should Know

In this post, we have looked at the 20 greatest ideas for the storage of fishing rods to help you improve your garage or storage of a boat.

When you start fishing, the number of rods you gather can water your eyes, especially with varied fishing tactics. A baitcasting rod, a spinning rod, a fly rod, a heavy boat rod and a surf rod can be found easily and on and off.

It allows your rods to be clean, clean, removed from elements and easy to access if necessary.

Let’s look into some of the inspirational photographs and films that we’ve found.

Rod Rack of wood fishing

The wooden rod has been assembled by Joshua Taylor for less than $25 and can store up to 10 rods on the ceiling. This prevents them from going and gives you extra room in your garage.

Twelve rod wood rack

Twelve rod wood rack

Gils Workshop’s handcrafted rod rack can hold up to 12 rods erect.

Fishing Rod Storage Garage Door

Mind-Blowing Fishing Rod Storage Ideas You Should Know

With this garage door storage solution, Cobra Storage has given some wonderful inspiration. In most households, this room is wasted. Wonderful idea.

Store long rod in a boats

It can be hard to put your long rods inside the hüll for a little fishing rod. This brief movie from Ocean Angler shows how you can store rods at a corner with some brackets. Simple.

Store 30 Small Scale Rods

Mind-Blowing Fishing Rod Storage Ideas You Should Know

The problem with storage might be a nightmare for the expert angler who has dozens of rods. See the simple idea of storing your rods by the outdoor chosen life. Simple, nice and clever – you don’t need much space and you’ll have quick access to everything you need.

DIY Video High-Density Rod Storage

This DIY video has been created by Bass Angler Magazine to allow you to follow step by step.

Storage using Pegboard Rod

Storage using Pegboard Rod

Ancient city anglers hung their rods on a pinnacle board. This is an idea that is easy to use and install. You can even add more rods or more if it is really adaptable.

Storage of Boat Rod

It is equally necessary to keep rods on your boat as well as to store rods in your garage whether you are transiting or if you change goals, you can shift between several rods. This video shows different boat storage alternatives for fishing rods for last Cast adventures.

Rod Storage Wall Clips

Wall Clips Rod Storage

This solution for your rods directly to your wall has been shown in the CB Design Clips. Most of the rest have a heavy self-sufficient rack, whereas this is simple and lightweight.

The 30 Rod Storage of Lake Fork Guy

It may be challenging to find a place for them when you have over 10 fishing rods. This also applies if you obtain up to thirty rods. Lake Fork Guy has created this bulk rod storage solution.

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas Mounted Wall

Wall Mounted Fishing Rod Storage ideas

Han A Lo has created some wall-mounted racks to store this fishing rod idea. Easy and clean. This allows sufficient room for the bigger rods while keeping access to the smaller rods above.

Portable fishing rod storage ideas

Portable fishing rod storage ideas

Rod Storage is not only for your car park – it’s also for transit in your car. This alternative is a portable fishing rod rack from Raximus Outdoors, which you can take with you either in the garage, the truck, the boat or the water.

Fishing Rod Rack Quarantine Built

This is the DIY Rod Holder that was put up by Fish Mountain Project in home confinement.

Storage of car rod

Fishing rod storage ideas in the car

This hack of life is gold. Not everybody has a truck, and some still adore fishing with vehicles. But how are your rods stored? Just like a few stretch cords such as 12 Ellamae configuration.

4 Pieces Ugly Stik

This 4 piece rod shelving branded by Ugly Stik looks good and mobile to the beach.

Make-up of Total Garage

This video by Landshark Outdoors if you are seeking your fantasy fishing workshop. With a storage rod, a workbench, fishing lines, he has renovated totally his garage, everything you need in your reach.

Rod Rack Wallless

Wall-less rod rack ideas

Get your own wall with this mobile folding rail for everyone who does not have more wall space available.


The Retrack-a-Rack system was shown by Salt Strong. This is a storage ceiling option with an easy access function. One of the most ingenious yet costly concepts up to now, certainly.

Storage of PVC Boat Rod

PVC is a big material that makes it a lightweight, powerful and cheap storage system for fishing rods.

Storage of ceiling rod

This novel storage method is available to 1Cast1Fish on ceilings. This is a storage idea that is commonly underused. You can also plainly examine and easily access your rods.

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