Living Room Vs Family Room, What is the Difference?

The main difference between livingroom and family room is that living room, that is the most spacious, is located at the center of the house whereas the family room, frequently located next to the kitchen, serves as the family area entirely for the members of the family for relaxation and entertainment.

Both these areas are critical areas during a house. people frequently overlap these 2 terms in their usage and think about each these as the same place. However, these 2 indicate two completely different places, serving 2 distinct functions.

What is a living room?

Living room is a room in a house for general everyday use. With the absence of the parlour in the newest design, living room may perform as a reception room for guests. Therefore, this can be the place used primarily for welcoming guests, sitting and having a conversation with friends and members of the family. people also use this area to watch TV and for alternative similar entertainment activities. It’s cozy space but is also somewhat formal.

This area is frequently located at the center of a house, occupying the front portion of the design of the house. it’s considerably large and is frequently furnished with a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, electrical lamps, rugs, or different furnishings. additionally, there are other entertainment devices like DVD players, TV, and computers in some homes. However, the living room is always a lot of spacious and thus always has area for more furnishings and instrumentality.

Furthermore, at the side of the furnishing, the living room is adorned with all types of nice artwork to provide more or less a classical outlook.

Sometimes this half connects the dining room of the house. Moreover, this space is additionally called the ‘front room’ likewise.

What is family room?

Family room is usually the area that’s placed adjacent to the kitchen. A family room is a lot of informal and infrequently serves as a useful space. Therefore, people also frequently use it as a office whenever they have to take care of some work-related issues.

Thus, unlike a living room, the entire purpose of the family room is to create place for the family members to assemble, do their own activities, and revel in their own personal time. Thus, it becomes additional informal and versatile as compared to a living room. Thus, couches, sofas, recliners become necessary things during this area.

This space is located off from the main entrance of the house and is frequently adjacent to the kitchen. In some homes, this has become the a part of the kitchen itself. Moreover, this space may have doors that cause the backyard, terrace or garden.

Difference Between living room and family room


Living room the space during a house that’s used for relaxing in and fun guests whereas family room is the space used completely for the family members to spend time along.


Living room is located at the center of the house, or in the center, in the front region of the house (sometimes this may lead to the dining room as well) whereas the living room is sometimes located next to the kitchen.


The main purpose of the living room is to relax and to socialize whereas the most purpose of the family room is relaxation and recreation of family members solely.


Living room is more formal as compared to family room, that is quite informal and used only for the time between family members.


Living room is extremely furnished with sofas, and more entertainment equipment like a TV and generally even a pc whereas family room could also be furnished with couches, sofas, and recliners.


Living room decoration usually focuses more on style and elegance and less on function. As for the accent details, they’re frequently adorned with design and other less-personalized components whereas family room usually focuses additional on the family history wherever family images, heirlooms are used as decors instead.


Living room is additionally identified by the names, front room, lounge area, sitting room whereas family room is additionally identified by the terms like playroom, game room, playroom, den, etc.


Both living room and family room are important places in a house. Some people use these terms interchangeably despite the variations they keep it up their own. The difference between living room and family room is that living room, that is the most spacious, is located at the center of the house whereas the family room, frequently located next to the kitchen serves as the family area entirely for the family members for relaxation and recreation.

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