10+ Garden Fence Ideas That Truly Creative, Inspiring, and Low-cost

Garden Fence Ideas – Have you been in search of a fence, but have been putting it off because of how costly it is? Perhaps it is to serve your backyard, giving you the beautiful look of a fantasy white picket fence house, or surrounding your garden, in order to make the flowers and trees in it look more precious than they already are.

Or, maybe, what you are searching for is an entire boundary fence?

Well, every single one of us has been that position at least once in our lives. It results in endless hunts for the most cost-efficient and feasible option for the right garden fence ideas.

Truthfully, with the lack of good options considering the economical price range, the hunt goes on for longer than expected.

Having myself found a victim to this exact dilemma, am still on the lookout for the appropriate garden fence and perimeter fence because I’m not entirely satisfied with the choices that I’ve picked.

It is exactly for this reason that I’m bringing you a range of options to take under consideration when picking a cost effective fence layout.

A few of these fencing options can be done by yourself, while others can be purchased from the market readymade.

However, a fair disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any of these types and these are merely my suggestions, so please conduct your own research before investing in any fencing and keep in mind that your purchases will be made at your own risk.

We extend to you the warmest of welcomes to our portfolio consisting of a wide selection of unique and exquisite garden fence ideas.

This particular collection includes a wide variety of trendy styles and materials that are mostly used as perimeter fencing, be it for your concern of you privacy or your desire for decorations.

You will comes across many types of fences, including aluminum fencing, wood, wrought iron, and even vinyl fencing throughout journey in this collection, all equipped with beautiful shrubbery and floral details, enhancing the look of the front yard.

A fence will add beauty to your home, irrespective of the lack of inclusion of beautiful gardening. However, as we all know, the look of a fence is completely transformed by the addition of flowers and shrubbery.

You have just gotten done with the plantation of your garden, and now, you realize you are in need of some garden fence ideas? It isn’t too hard to find yourself drowning in ideas.

To help with that, we present to you the main points of consideration that should be undertaken in order to slim the width of your choices.

What is the reason that you’ve found yourself looking for a fence?

The first thing that you need to consider when analyzing the overabundance of garden fence ideas, is what area in your house it is that has you searching.

For most, there exist two main reasons as to for why they want a fence around their garden, and they are as follows:

1. Keeping animals from destroying your garden

The colorfulness and beauty of your garden could be mistaken by some animals as a playground, causing them to wreak havoc in it. The usual culprits are deer, groundhogs, rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels.

Be it flowers or vegetables growing in your garden, the love these animals have for both these things will destroy your garden.

So, if you are residing in an area where animals are known to cause chaos, it may sound like a good idea to purchase a fence in order to protect your garden.

Wire mesh serves to be of great use in keeping animals away. However, if you’re more favorable of a wire, be sure to place it firmly into the ground with ground staples..

2. Decorative Purposes

If you are fond of the look of a picketed fence house, then you may be purchasing your fence for decorative reasons.

It easier to make a choice when it comes to decorative fences because you do not have to go through the trouble of making sure that the fence kills two birds with one stone – decoration and protection.

What makes the job easier is their ease of installation.

If you are wanting to purchase a fence instead of building on yourself, look for one in a big home improvement store. The benefit of doing is so is a huge variety in the aesthetics of the fencing.

However, if you are considering going the build-it-yourself way, then you can make use of the unnecessary sticks laying around in your house or porch.

A mesh of wooden lattice and thin cedar banks makes for an adorable mini garden fence.

Which kind of Fence Should you go for? Having determined the why-s of your dilemma, it is now to turn to the ‘which’ part.

Following is a list of some fence options, starting from the most popular.

1. Natural Garden Fence Ideas (Either bamboo or reed)

This is the type of fence you want to go for if you’re looking to keep animals away. It obviously is not strong enough to stop the forceful entry of animals, however, it does create a solid shield between your garden and the outer world, keeping the outside animals from taking a peek.

2. Metal Garden Fence Ideas

This kind of fencing is sturdy and comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

3. Picket Fence Garden Fence Ideas

Following the Hollywood fantasy, this kind is the perfect choice for those interested in a classic look.

4. Mixed Materials Garden Fence Ideas

The look of your fence is not just limited to the specific aesthetics of these kinds. You can even own a combination of your favorites, giving your fencing a unique and authentic look.

After the why-s and what-s of your fence, it is time to think of the how-s (installation). Here are some things to be mindful of:

1. Two fence posts should be no more than six feet apart

2. Take your climate into consideration – the cold climate in the Northern areas requires sturdy anchors for the fence posts.

Said sturdy anchors should be dug 36 feet deep into the ground in order to keep them from flying off during strong winds.

On the other hand, areas with warmer/damper climates require the usage of vinyl instead of wood. This is because wood is more prone to damage caused by water, and swells up upon frequent contact with water.

3. Beware of overdoing yourself or the fence – there is no shame in consulting an expert for the construction and installation of your fence if you are unable to do it yourself

In hopes that these garden fence ideas were inspiring, here is our special gallery. Enjoy.

1. Garden fence ideas with grey painted and a cooking station

Garden fence ideas with grey painted and a cooking station

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

To take your barbecuing to the next level, make your garden fence a part of your outdoor kitchen. Just as the Aussies do, do not take barbecuing too lightly.

Keep your utensils hung within arm’s reach, along with a shelf stacked with your favorite sauces. An addition of a wall clock will not only pull the look together, but it will also keep you from burning your patties.

2. Garden fence ideas with latticework top and hurricane lights

Garden fence ideas with latticework top and hurricane lights

Image credit: Mel Yates

Customize your trellis top garden fence with jam-jar-style tealight holders. Make sure to use secure but subdued nails for the hanging of said holders to give a floating effect.

While clear tealights will do the job, you could glam it up with an assortment of colors. The best part about them being that you can enjoy their warmth from a distance.

3. Garden fence ideas with a mirror and a whitewashed finish

Garden fence ideas with a mirror and a whitewashed finish

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Choose to go for fence panels that have a pale-wood finish if you’re desiring a modern day look.

If you feel that you can’t keep up with the maintenance of your garden, opt for a wooden decking instead of a grass lawn that needs constant mowing.

Try to for the same end result on the fence and decking for a coordinated and put together look.

However much planning is put into your fencing, you do not want it to show. You want to keep it put together yet as casual as possible. A clever trick to making your garden look bigger than it actually is is the installation of a mirror.

4. Garden fence ideas with colorful furniture

Garden fence ideas with colorful furniture

Image credit: James Merrell

If you are not one for the mundane fencing that has gotten far too common, show your originality and style with a dash of color. Let your color scheme speak for your garden and your personality.

The picture above shows that there are no limits whatsoever to the boldness of your color palette. You could either choose to paint your entire fence in one color, or choose to go for two different shades on alternate planks.

5. Garden fence ideas with starring white trellis and cute garden sign

Garden fence ideas with starring white trellis and cute garden sign

Image credit: Simon Scarboro

Lathering your garden fence in white paint will give it a quaint country look that is super cute. You can utilize the gaps in this fence to hang your cute pieces, like a small welcome sign or some cute colored cloths.

A garden trellis has more benefits than just beautifying your garden. It provides a fair level of privacy without being an interception to the rays of sunlight.

6. Garden fence ideas in multicolored rail layout

Garden fence ideas in multicolored rail layout

Image credit: Alun Callender

You can give off happy and peaceful vibes from your fence by painting it in beautiful shades and colors of more than one type.

Everyone dreams of having the perfect picket fence, and if you do happen to own one, then why not amp it up?

7. Garden fence ideas in moss with covered dining area

Garden fence ideas in moss with covered dining area

Image credit: Brent Darby

While being high-ceilinged, this fence has narrow drop downs of willow that create a beautiful bamboo-style effect. This type is optimal for showcasing an existing fence.

The main feature of willow screening fence panels is that they keep the privacy of your house to yourself, and cover up the area that a short wall fails to.

8. Garden fence ideas in state-of-the-art shallow leveled design

Garden fence ideas in state-of-the-art shallow leveled design

Image credit: Winfried Heinze

The addition of a wooden garden fence to an already existing concrete border will create elegance like no other. It has a contemporary vibe attached to it which is capable of pulling off the look and feel of a room.

Apart from servicing to enhance the beauty of your garden, it also comes with the added benefit of leveled gravel.

You can opt for horizontal wooden panels so that everything has a cohesive, flowing look, and a smart mid-hued varnish will be the perfect cherry on top.

9. Garden fence ideas with stoned wall and stylish shower area

Garden fence ideas with stoned wall and stylish shower area

Image credit: David Woolley

A combination of wood and stone for a wall will make your garden fence one of a kind.

This setting is not just for the looks, it stands for practicality too. The presence of an outdoor showers guarantees the possibility of wood being ruined by water. Thus, wood is used in order to prevent the wastage of wood.

A garden fence such as this blends together looks and functionality.

10. Garden fence ideas made from painted shutters

Garden fence ideas made from painted shutters

Image credit: Tim Young

If you are an environment enthusiast, just how everyone should be, you can put old shutters to use by repainting them and painting them in your favorite color – grey, in this case.

You can enhance the look of your fence by showcasing your gardening skills with the addition of potted plants to hooks nailed into the shutters.

My perimeter fence currently looks exactly like this because of the affordability of this kind and because I needed a division in my property.

The only drawback that this garden fence serves is that it can’t be used to contain livestock.

This is all for choices in remarkable inspiring fencing. All of these differ from each other in either ease of installation or ease on the bank balance.

We conclude by hoping that these examples have at least helped you a little with the decision of your pick in garden fence.

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