Cheap DIY Pallet Fence Ideas and How to Make It

Garden Fence From Pallets – Fencing is expensive no matter how you cut it. There are different options for fencing which can impact your cost.

However, when you are homesteading your main goals are to do it yourself, the fencing has to be functional, and you don’t want it to break your bank.

I present to you a fencing option that will satisfy all three criteria:


Pallets are your new fence! Pallets are durable and most importantly, you can actually get them for free! Lets check this step by step how to make garden fence from pallets for free.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pallet Fence


  • Super cheap!
  • Easy and quick to build
  • Quite sturdy than it may seem
  • Can be easily moved and reconfigured


  • May be too low for some animals
  • Not as beautiful as store-bought fence
  • DIY (not really a con for some people)
  • Vulnerable to termites and pests
  • Won’t exclude small rodents like rabbits and mice

Considering the advantages and disadvantages, pallet fence is perfect for people who just starting out homesteading and don’t have big bucks to spend. It won’t be as good as store-bought fencing but can be really good for its price.

How to Build Garden Fence from Pallets Just in 4 Easy Steps

Follow this 4 easy steps to make your own fence pallets.

  1. Collect Your Pallets

    Building a fence from pallets obviously requires pallets. So where do you find them?

    The best places to look are at small businesses. A lot of times, small businesses will give pallets away for free because they have to pay a recycling service to take them away otherwise.

    Or simply go to this site to find out if there’s anyone nearby giving away pallets for free.

    A standard pallet is 40″ x 48″, but you’ll find pallets with different sizes and shapes. If you want to build a neat fencing, make sure you’re getting pallets with similar dimensions. Also, make sure you know how many pallets you’ll need so you won’t have to do more trips than needed.

    Next, you have to make sure the pallets you’re collected are safe to reuse. Read this guide from TreeHugger.

  2. Put The Pallets Together

    Building a pallet fence is so simple. All you must do is arrange the pallets so they line up as equally as possible.

    Use either 3” bolts or the large roofing nails and put them together with a hammer or impact.

    You may also choose to buy stakes and place them in the ground. Then you can simply slide the pallets over the stakes. This way would create more costs but is easier to assemble.

  3. Create A Pallet Door

    Once your pallet fence is complete take one additional pallet to use as a door for a walking space. If you are using your pallet fence for an area you would need to drive through this would not be an option.

    Take the last pallet and place hinges and a latch on the pallet.

    This will create a door for your fence.

    If you are like me and your fence has a bigger gap that doesn’t allow you to simply attach a latch to another pallet to create a door, then place a pole in the ground and use it to attach your latch to.

  4. Predator Proof Your Fence

    If you decide to use your fence to keep your animals in their designated areas it is recommended to predator proof the fence.

    You can do this by using chicken wire and stapling it to the inside of your pallet fence.

    A slap stapler is best in this case if you have one.

    A pallet fence is great for keeping the smallest of critters in while also keeping their predators out. A pallet fence can also be used as a perimeter fence. It can be painted for a more polished look or left as is for a more rustic approach. It is very versatile and the options are limitless.

Pallet Fence Ideas for Different Purpose

These are just a few DIY Pallet Fence ideas on how to make your own fences with wooden pallets, at a minimal cost. You also can create a beautiful one for your home, just add in a little bit of creativity and imagination to the existing ideas, and customize them at your will.

Pallet Fence Idea for a small Garden

Pallet Fence Idea for a small Garden

If you only have a small area in the yard of your house where you want to grow some shrubs or flowering plants, then you can try building a small garden fence with the wooden pallets around this little space.

In addition to the bushes inside, you can allow creepers to grow on the fence itself, or attach some trellises to the fence.

Herb Garden Fence

herb garden fence

This design can be used both as a free-standing garden to plant herbs, as well as a fully functional garden fence, all you have to do is convert wooden pallets into planting boxes and attach them to supporting wooden frame (planks) using nails.

These planters can be used to grow herbs, and you can either use just one, or make multiple pallet herb gardens and stack them one after the other to make it a fence.

Private Pallet Fence

Private Pallet Fence

It is uncomfortable when you can look right through to your neighbor’s house from your living room window, or the kitchen sink. That’s when you have this immense urge of privacy.

Here’s another incredible idea to build a complete private fence with pallets. Make frames with long planks and fix the wood dismantled from the pellets horizontally, without any space.

You can then place them one after the other through the length of front yard. You can also grow a few decorative plants around to give it a great finishing look.

A Pallet Fence that Gives Privacy

A Pallet Fence that gives Privacy

If the front or backyard of your home is already covered with a wall, perhaps of a smaller height, and you need something out in the open that gives you privacy while you’re chilling out in the sun, this kind of pallet fence would be the right choice for you.

It’s built with lots of wooden pallets, and looks something along the lines of a gazebo. You could fix in the fence three sides, leaving the last side open and put in some benches made of pallets.

Also, to jazz it up a little bit, you can place some potter plants around. It would definitely be a great place to sit and read a book, or have a coffee.

Pallet Fencing Near the Swimming Pool

Pallet Fencing Near the Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool and want to relax by the water in private, try building a small open fence around it. This is a rather novel idea, but something definitely worth working on.

Collect as many pallets as you can, separate them into wooden planks, and build a usual three side fence. If you have more time on your hands, do use the planks as the floor by spreading them.

Paint the whole thing white to give it a complementary look, and add some benches or a couple of wooden chairs to relax, and you’re done.

Minimalist Pallet Fence

Minimalist Pallet Fence

If there are a lot of houses in the neighborhood and your garden is attached to that of your neighbor’s, you can simply try this pallet fence design to separate the gardens. Just make the fencing frames from the pallets and fix them through from the wall of your house all the way to the sidewalk.

Picket Fence with Pallets

Picket Fence with pallets

In case your kids keep stomping the yard, creating trails all along, then make this simple fencing by dismantling the pallets, squaring off one end, and fixing them up in the ground by digging holes. You can also add a few plants in the soil at the bottom to give it a nice end-look.

Gorgeous Pallet Fence

Gorgeous Pallet Fence

A garden full of climbing rose bushes or other flowering plants is definitely bewitching. Something as lovely as that needs a fence which is only adds to its beauty.

So why don’t you try opting for a simple wooden pallet fence and gate, paint it in blue or maybe even mauve, and let the roses crawl all over the fence? It could surely make the whole garden view much more gorgeous.

Fencing for Balcony Garden

Fencing for Balcony Garden

Sometimes, its better to think out of the box and go for an idea that’s completely different from the rest. Usually, balcony gardens don’t need fencing, as they have their very own railing and space to keep the pots.

But, if you are blessed with a huge balcony, why not try and build a fencing gate to it? This way, you can separate your balcony into the seating area and the garden area and have a mini-farm type of setting. How interesting could that be?

Pallet Design for the Gates

Pallet Design for the Gates

You can spice up your fence design and double it up as a yard device, in addition to using it for privacy or security.

This kind of fencing needs prior research about the design, as there has been a lot of emphasis on the design and the details. You might have to fix the pallets together without any space, with a small pallets as designer frames and gate. It will probably take a lot of your time, but it’s definitely worth it.

Pallet Fence on Wheels

Pallet Fence on Wheels

Another way of creating a movable fence or gate is to make a simple fencing frame with wooden pallets, and attach them with hinges.

As the final touch, attach some heavy duty wheels and casters to the bottom of the fence, so that they could easily be moved around. Now you can place your fences wherever you want.

Small Square Pallet Fence

Small Square Pallet Fence

If you’ve dug up anything at your home recently, or if you’ve planted a favorite tree that you need to keep people out of reach, or if there’s any electric device or anything hazardous that needs to be secured, then this small square pallet fencing is the perfect idea.

It is short, sober, and fits right around the object you need to keep others away from.

Pallet Fence Decked up in Herbs and Flowers

Pallet Fence Decked up in Herbs and Flowers

Now, you can not only create a rustic look to a simple pallet fence painted in dark-wooden color, but also deck them up in different herbs and flowers by fixing in boxes for small pots, or by directly nailing planters to the fence.

DIY Wooden Pallet Fence

DIY Wooden Pallet Fence

A good and simple fence can really turn eyes around. This is one simple fence idea if you don’t have much time in your hands. Just nail large pieces of horizontal pallets onto the vertical planks, and attach them to one another.

To give it a nicer look, you can paint it in dark maroon, brown, purple or any other color that complements the paint of your house, and grow flowering plants and creepers on the inner side of the fence.

Movable Pallet Fence for Swine and Goats

Movable Pallet Fence for Swine and Goats

Who said pallet fencing could only be for gardens or yards? It could also be used to protect your pigs or goats from the animals outside, and wooden pallets are the best materials to build one, as commercial fencing would be too much to just keep your swine or cattle in check.

You can just build the framing by nailing the pallets together and fix them up, along with a small gate. What would be even more interesting is that, you could make it movable and reusable, by just making them into frames which can be easily removed, if necessary.

Rustic Garden Fence from Pallets

Rustic Pallet Fence

If you’re into rustic things and want the same around for your fencing, then you could simply stack the dismantled wooden pellets, preferably old ones, one after the other and fix it in the ground. Also, you could add wood from old doors or wooden furniture to give it varied textures.

A Funky Pallet Fence Idea

A Funky Pallet Fence Idea

This is another style where you get to have complete freedom of customizing and decorating the fence the way you want.

For this, you need to just build a simple fence, like the one mentioned in the beginning, or fencing of any style. Then the actual fun begins, you can carve shapes out of the leftover wood, and nail it to the fence, or draw some art, or even graffiti onto it, in order to suit your style.

Wooden Fence with a Small Planting Area

Wooden Fence with a Small Planting Area

Another wonderful way to ensure privacy through your fencing work while adding a little bit of gardening to it is shown in this design.

Here, you have to stack all the pallet planks together tightly without any space and fix it to the ground. You can always choose the desired height for the fence.

Now, for the planters, you can attach small wooden boxes towards the inner side of the fence, where you can grow herbs. Also, you can throw in some soil by the bottom of the fence, outline it with stones and use it as a mini garden.

Simple Pallet Fence Design with Colors

Simple Pallet Fence Design with Colors

Feeling colorful? Have extend space at the back of your yard with a small pond, or huge trees that you want to separate from a small garden? Then you could make this simple fence by dismantling the pallet wood into planks, fixing them up into the ground, and painting them in different colors. This definitely gives the fencing a vibrant and gorgeous.

Modern Wooden Pallet Fence Idea

Modern Wooden Pallet Fence Idea

This is a stylish and modern way to decorate the outdoors of your home. It’s perfect for the courtyard, or to separate a wall from the rest of the yard. Get the planks from the pellet and stack it to the desired height and nail them to the vertical frames.

You could spray paint it in wooden brown, and use long flat planks as shelves where you can actually place potted plants. Further, you could plant bamboo, crawling roses or other trees of medium height, which could give the fence a trendy look.

DIY Patio Pallet Fence

DIY Patio Pallet Fence

Another great way of decorating your fence is by creating a simple fence with the wood from old pallets, and painting flowers, or any other art of your choice on it. This gives the fence a personalized look and feel that you can easily fall in love with.

Square Pallet Fence Idea

Square Pallet Fence Idea

Not all fences are square in shape. But it is a great idea, especially if you are trying to put in your cattle, or grow some veggies or have a garden. It’s easy to make and doesn’t take you a lot of time to build. If you need, you can line the outer part of the fence by placing potted plants to give it a much nicer look.

Tiny Garden Fence from Pallets

Tiny Garden Fence

If you have a small garden attached to one of the walls of your house, this might definitely be a cool way of making a DIY fence around the garden, at absolutely no expenses.

All you have to do is nail wooden planks to the support boards and fix it into the ground by digging up holes. You can then embellish the fence by painting it in your desired color, add a planter box for creepers, and maybe even adding a couple of lamps.

Pallet Fence with a Bench

Pallet Fence with a Bench

In addition to creating a usual fence with pallets decked up one after the other to create privacy, you could attach a few dismantled planks together to the fence in order to create benches to sit on. This not only gives you privacy, but also a place to sit and relax.

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