First Apartment Checklist and Design Ideas [Ultimate Guides]

While you think up how to embellish your brand-new house, we’re here to bring you the ultimate first apartment checklist. With this extensive checklist in hand, you’ll make certain to have whatever you require for your first apartment. Get excited, because we’re going shopping!

Apartment Checklist: What You Should Buy Before You Move

Assume of this area as a condensed variation of your first apartment checklist: whatever noted below is a must-have. Make certain that you’ve examined off all these items prior to you relocate– whether acquired, commandeered from your parent’s cellar, or located for economical at your regional thrift shop.

Mattress, bed mattress topper, cushions, as well as bed linen

A mattress ought to be one of the first things you purchase after authorizing your apartment lease. That’s why it’s # 1 on our first apartment list.

Toolkit, nails, as well as wall hooks

Whether it’s to take apart a bookshelf or put it back together, you won’t be sorry for having a screwdriver and also a hammer on relocating day. As soon as you start unpacking, you’ll additionally wish to have wall hooks and also nails accessible. There’s nothing as aggravating as being in unpacking as well as embellishing groove, only to locate you have to quit as well as acquire these products.

Step stool

Whether you’re brief or your brand-new apartment has high ceilings, a step stool will be extremely beneficial during the very early stages of unpacking and is essential for your first apartment. We advise something light and also easily mobile. Added brownie factors if it’s very easy to store.

Shower drape

Unless you intend to wreck your brand-new apartment floorings, it’s an excellent suggestion to obtain a shower curtain before moving. After a lengthy day of moving, you’re most likely to be craving a warm shower. Pack your toiletry things with the other items in this section of your first apartment list and also you’ll be ready for some much-needed self-care.

Take a look at a few of these straightforward and also posh shower curtains from Target that will certainly look fantastic in your new restroom!

Toilet tissue

Some may say that toilet tissue is among one of the most crucial points you require for your first apartment, and also it’s difficult to disagree. Make sure you buy a lot of toilet tissue to an area in your new apartment washrooms as soon as the move-in day begins. Isn’t it the one point in life you can never ever have sufficient of?

Cleaning-up supplies

Cleaning up products is important to any kind of first apartment list. As you relocate, you may discover places the previous occupants overlooked. See to it your cleansing supplies are in easy reach to make sure that you can scrub those areas prior to the messiness of unboxing begins.

  • A Swiffer with both dry as well as wet pads as well as a vacuum
  • Multi-surface cleaning spray, paper towels, as well as a trash can
  • Multi-surface cleaning wipes and stainless-steel cleaner
  • Washing detergent, dryer sheets, and also discolor eliminator
  • Toilet scrubber and bathroom dish cleaning remedy
  • Dish/dishwasher soap as well as sponges
  • Air refreshing and anti-bacterial spray
First-aid set

Crashes do take place when relocating. Whether you trip downstairs as well as sprain an ankle or reduce a finger opening box, you’re going to desire a first-aid kit in an easy-to-access area on move-in day. Right here are a few products to include:

  • Ace bandages
  • An anti-inflammatory such as Advil
  • Band-Aids and also antibiotic ointment
  • Gauze pads and antiseptic wipes
  • Cold medicine as well as cough drops
  • Cold pack and also muscular tissue discomfort relief ointment
A few cooking area fundamentals

You can stick with paper plates and also cups till you purchase a complete recipe collection, yet we recommend going on and acquiring a few of these items prior to you move in. Not utilizing paper plates is likewise a fantastic method to decrease your carbon footprint. In this way, if it takes you a couple of weeks to choose kitchenware you like, you’ll at the very least have the fundamentals handy.

  • Water glasses as well as mugs
  • Plates, grain dish, as well as tools
  • Frying pan, pots, and cookie sheet
  • Toaster, microwave, blender, or toaster
  • Sandwich bags and one or two food storage containers
  • Spatula and also any kind of other cooking utensils you believe you’ll require
Coat/clothing hangers

Purchase layer wall mounts currently, as well as you’ll feel resolved into your brand-new area in no time at all. The earlier you can get your garments unpacked and also do away with, the earlier your first apartment will feel like home!

Batteries, power strips, as well as expansion cords

As you begin to place points throughout your brand-new residence, you will not intend to come back later to plug everything in. If you purchase power strips, expansion cords, and batteries before moving, you’ll be able to finish unboxing promptly and effectively. Simply make certain you do not neglect to set your power and various other energies!

Apartment Checklist: Living Space

Whether you’re in a workshop or a two-bedroom, you won’t intend to neglect to cross these products off your first apartment checklist. They’ll make your living room an excellent area to unwind, catch up on some analysis, and also host loved ones.

Comfy sofa

The centerpiece of any type of living room is a great couch. Whether you intend to host motion picture evenings or elegant mixer, you’re most likely to require seating that matches your design, while being useful at the same time.

Coffee table

A coffee table is essential for your first apartment. It’s an excellent place to put drinks when hosting an event, however, it also gives the means to express your character in your home. Simply don’t fail to remember to maintain it looking pretty by likewise purchasing rollercoasters!

Additional lights

Extra illumination for your living space is a must-have for any type of first apartment checklist. Count on us, nobody such as living in a cavern. Include both class and also functionality to your room by picking out a great flooring lamp or 2.

Television and also DVD gamer, cable box, or streaming tool

Whether you’re paying for cable television or otherwise, getting a television is a terrific investment. While it might not be absolutely important, it is necessary for throwing awesome flick nights! Check on Craigslist, and also pre-owned stores prior to buying just any type of flat screen.

Storage space remedies

When your valuables are unpacked, you’re most likely to require somewhere to put whatever. Whether that’s a bookshelf or a TELEVISION cabinet, ensure you consider all your valuables (including the ones on this first apartment checklist) and afterward discover the very best storage space for your needs.

Houseplants and past

While these things may not be important, including them to your first apartment wish list will make your living-room feel a little homier.

  • Side tables, additional seating, home window therapies
  • Wall surface art, photo frames, coffee table publications
  • Ornamental cushions, toss covering
  • Houseplants, candles, vases

First Apartment Checklist: Kitchen

For the kitchen area section of our first apartment checklist, we’re most likely to break down what you need in your brand-new residence to cook like a manager, host remarkable parties, and maintain your takeout leftovers secure.

Kitchen furnishings

Every apartment is various, so whether you require a cooking area table and also chairs or just bar stools is up to you to determine. Take stock of the area and afterward get buying!

Full set of meals

You can buy a boxed set of recipes from a retail or department store. Or, if you desire to have a bit more fun while shopping, you can follow our list of every dish you need for your first apartment.

  • Mugs, glasses, and also utensils
  • Bowls of several different dimensions
  • Offering spoons, serving plates, and a bottle
Pots as well as pans

For your first apartment, we advise keeping it straightforward and also obtaining a kitchen starter kit from a department or retail store. Nevertheless, if you’re more of the DIY kind, here are a few pots and also pans you need to have in your first cooking area.

  • Big stockpot, straight-sided pan, 10-inch fry pan
  • Rimmed cooking sheet, big baking/casserole meal, as well as a muffin frying pan
Kitchen area devices

To make wonderful food, you require more than just pots as well as frying pans. Below are all the cooking area tools you need for your first apartment.

  • Small, medium, and large reducing blades, and also reducing boards
  • Wax paper, parchment paper, lightweight aluminum foil, cling wrap
  • Toaster, toaster oven, hand mixer, and also blender or food processor
  • Gauging cups/spoons, mixing bowls, as well as bowl-shaped sieve
  • Spatula, whisk and also mixing spoons
  • Bottle opener and also can opener
  • Kettle and/or coffee pot
Various kitchen area things

See to it you complete your cookware collection by noting these various cooking area products off your first apartment list.

  • Cutlery coordinator, meal drying shelf, paper towel owner
  • Plastic or glass food storage space containers, sandwich bags
  • Recipe towels, oven mitts

Seasonings can add something unique to any meal. Mark these spices of your first apartment list, and you’ll be ready to cook like a professional!

  • Chili pepper, chili powder, ground cumin, paprika
  • Dried rosemary, oregano, thyme, bay leaves
  • The ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger
  • Garlic powder or salt, onion powder
  • Salt and pepper
Pantry basics

For a full kitchen, you require a well-stocked pantry. Check off the products listed below according to your own choices and cooking routines and you’ll be ready to cook nearly anything in your brand-new apartment. See to it to pick up some groceries after you’re all cleared up in, too.

  • Granulated sugar, brown sugar, as well as flour
  • Cooking powder, cooking soft drink, and vanilla extract
  • Cooking oil (vegetable, olive, coconut, etc.).
  • Vinegar (white wine, balsamic, and so on).
  • Soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, catsup, mustard, and so on

First Apartment Checklist: Bathroom

The washrooms are rather terrific. Prior to you get that bath bomb, double-check that you have everything you require for your first apartment bathroom.

Toilet plunger, scrubber, as well as a cleansing remedy

Make sure that you can keep your toilet tidy by marking these products off your first apartment list. Make sure to obtain a toilet scrubber as well as a bettor for each shower room, if you have more than one. Who would certainly desire to bring such a thing from area to area?

Toilet tissue and also toilet paper holder

We currently noted commode paper, it can not be highlighted enough! On one more note, see to it to include a toilet paper owner on your first apartment shopping list if your brand-new washroom does not have a place to put a roll.

Trash can

Do not fail to remember to note a bathroom trash can off your first apartment checklist. An excellent option is a trash bin with a cover that can aid maintain the washroom looking smooth.

Bathroom towels

Relocating into your first apartment is a great reason to upgrade your old bath towels for something extra lavish. You can even buy ones that match the color pattern of your brand-new washroom.

Hand soap, lotion, as well as towels

Make certain to get some excellent smelling hand soap for your shower room sink and area a hand towel nearby. Benefit factors if you include matching hand lotion!

Storage space services for your toiletries

Take stock of the toiletries you have in order to determine what kind of storage remedy you should buy for the bathroom. You might use a collection of plastic cabinets, a rolling cart, or an entire closet. It’s up to you!

Candle lights, potpourri, as well as beyond

Cross these products off your first apartment list as well as your shower room will feel like a sanctuary that also your guests won’t intend to leave.

  • Candle lights, mixture, and air freshening spray
  • Countertop storage, tiny vanity mirror, and extra illumination
  • Bathroom floor covering and shower room carpet

First Apartment Checklist: Bedroom

All you require in a room is a bed, right? Nope! Below’s every little thing you need to make your first apartment bedroom a cozy, peaceful place to fall asleep in the evening.

Bed structure and also box springs

Though you might practically sleep on the flooring with just your mattress, you’re possibly most likely to desire a bed structure and box springs. There are numerous choices for bed frames, so make certain you have a look at them all, think about the size of your apartment, and also select what ideal fits your requirements.

Closet storage space services

Ensure to take into consideration benefiting from wardrobe storage space options, like a hanging closet coordinator or shoe rack.

Unabridged mirror

Include an unabridged mirror to your first apartment checklist, and also you’ll be prepared to see to it all your outfits look excellent.

Window treatments

Unless you intend to awaken with the sunlight, you ought to look after this checklist product as soon as possible.

Washing interfere with

Whether you like laundry or dislike it, you’ll need someplace to place your dirty clothes at the end of the day.


You most likely won’t wish to walk to the opposite of the apartment to throw your trash, so see to it you include a fashionable room wastebasket to your first apartment shopping list.

Last touches

Your room is where you start and also end each day, so give a little additional attention to this area. Below are a couple of suggestions to obtain you began.

  • Vanity or work desk, comfortable chair, and also night table
  • Reading lamp, alarm clock, and your favorite books
  • Attractive cushions, relaxing blankets, rug, and wall art

First Apartment Checklist: Miscellaneous

Recyclable water bottle

Do not obtain stuck buying a 40-pack of plastic containers for your brand-new apartment. Rather, make certain you add a multiple-use water bottle to your first apartment list.


Tissues are a very easy item to forget at the time of your move, but you’ll definitely wish to stock up. It’s far better to have a few boxes on hand than wait until allergy or winter season hits.

First-aid set

A well-stocked first-aid kit is an important product in any type of apartment. Consist of adhesive bandages, antibiotic lotion, antibacterial wipes, non-prescription painkiller, as well as any kind of other materials you believe you may require in your package

Sewing kit.

While stitching kits may seem somewhat dated, they’re still incredibly valuable. Add one to your first apartment list for quick apparel repair services.

Iron and also ironing board

Attempting to de-wrinkle clothing without iron is a lengthy and also irritating procedure. Save yourself time and energy by including iron to your first apartment checklist (or a handheld cleaner if you’re seeking something that takes up much less area).

Workplace materials

In such a tech-centric globe, it’s simple to fail to remember to add standard workplace supplies to your first apartment checklist. Still, we suggest packing some scissors, pens, paper, as well as tape when prepping for your step. You’re bound to require them at some time!

Chip clips and elastic band

Don’t let your preferred treats stagnate! Stockpile on-chip clips as well as rubber bands for a fresh as well as well organized cupboard.

Broom and also dustpan

In some cases, a fast move is much easier than breaking out the vacuum or Swiffer. Include a tiny mop as well as a dustpan on your first apartment checklist for an easy and reliable tidy.

Light bulbs

If you’re bringing any kind of lamps to your new apartment, it’s wise to buy some added light bulbs ahead of time. Ought to you intend to go above and beyond, you can identify what kind of bulbs are made use of in the overhanging lights– you could be able to transform those on your own also!

Command hooks and strips

Command hooks are useful for many purposes. Whether you intend to hang bags, baseball caps, or secrets, command hooks are an economical as well as a very easy option. And also, since you’re most likely leasing your first apartment, the hooks are a terrific way to ensure you don’t harm the wall surfaces and ensure you’re able to get your security deposit back completely.

Space heating unit

In some cases, your apartment’s main heating unit just doesn’t get the job done. Include a room heating unit to your first apartment list for an added blast of warmth during the cold months.


Unless you have a super durable raincoat, an umbrella is a necessary thing for taking on thundercloud. Consist of a lightweight umbrella on your first apartment list to make those bleak days a little a lot more bearable.

Ready to cross everything you need for your first apartment off the list? Take this checklist with you when you start shopping, and you’ll be all set. Get the downloadable PDF or save the image below!

First apartment checklist guide
First apartment checklist guide

Apartment Decor and Design Ideas

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