Have Too Many DVDs? Try These Clever DVD Storage Ideas for Solutions

DVD Storage Ideas – Each of us has our own DVD collection that we are proud of and most certainly we would like to see them arranged in a neat and logical order.

But how can we achieve this when regular shelves don’t seem to work very well, plus there is the space problem that we don’t seem to figure out.

Probably by now you already tried several locations to store your DVD collection, but none worked out as they should.

It was either difficult to reach the desired DVD when you felt in the mood for it or the DVD was simply not stored safely, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Well, luckily, there are quite a few solutions when it comes to DVD storage ideas, solutions that can fit in almost any home or office.

No more DVD lying around randomly and no more storage locations that are improper and don’t allow you to easily select the desire DVDs, without making a complete mess.

It doesn’t matter how large your DVD collection is because there is a storage option for whatever number of DVDs you may own.

Would you like to expand the collection of DVDs? No one is stopping you, although you should have this in mind when opting for your DVD storage solution.

Also, since it will become a permanent part of your home, the storage option for your DVDs should match the rest of the environment, so pay attention to the details.

This way you will be completely satisfied with the storage you got. It is really a shame to keep your DVDs inside a box, risking getting them deteriorated, when you can enjoy elegant storage solutions.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, the DVDs you own will become collectable items and their value will increase.

But, we do know that for you, your private collection of DVDs is priceless, so take care of it properly.

An elegant DVD storage ideas with traditional style

An elegant DVD storage ideas with traditional style

How about a whole cabinet for all your DVDs? An individual cabinet is great because you can place it anywhere you like.

This ingenious DVD storage cabinet has file-like drawers, specially designed to fit DVDs and nothing else, plus a glass door will allow you to take a look at the DVD shelves located inside.

So you can proudly display your favorite and most valuable DVDs from your collection. Storing DVDs in a proper manner just became extremely easy.

Vintage cabinet DVD storage ideas

Vintage cabinet DVD storage ideas

Everybody knows that drawers provide more space than the traditional shelves.

So if you do not necessarily want your DVD collection to be displayed, but you need a generous storing space inside a relatively small furnishing item, this particular solution may be just what you need.

With large drawers that can accommodate numerous DVDs, this cabinet will help you store and sort your DVDs as you like, without having to turn everything upside down whenever you are searching for one particular DVD.

Elva door DVD storage ideas

Elva door DVD storage ideas

The industrial style also gained a lot of fans in the interior design sector, people wishing to enjoy indoor space that is modern and unconventional.

This particular DVD storage idea is simple and will make you feel like having a part of a DVD store inside your home.

Utilizing a metal central frame, the storage space is represented by metal shelves that are hooked on the frame.

It is plain and simple, and yet full of effect, helping you turn an empty wall into a functional space.

Mount on wall DVD storage ideas

wall mount dvd storage ideas

Who said glass cases cannot be mounted on the wall? They can, looking elegant and clean while providing storage space for your DVDs.

It is up to you how large you decide to make such a glass case, but do remember that larger cases will need a good support because they can get heavy, especially after storing your DVDs inside.

So, if you have an empty wall and would like to save some room, this DVD storage idea can save you.

Pullout drawer DVD storage ideas

pullout drawer DVD storage ideas

Cabinets that are from floor to ceiling are not just very generous when it comes to space, but integrate in a room more beautifully, by aligning with the room’s lines.

Thus, the space created appears more open, even though a large cabinet is located in the room. And if you could have special drawers for your vast collection of DVDs in such cabinets, it would be even better.

Well, this thing is possible and will definitely solve your DVD storage space problem.

Biola shape storage ideas for DVD

Biola shape storage ideas for DVD

The traditional square cabinet is not your thing or perhaps you would like a piece of furniture that looks out of the ordinary? Then how about this violin-shaped DVD storage?

You will certainly impress and amaze anyone that comes to visit you, this violin case being created to store DVDs and not musical instruments.

So, this storage idea will also be a decorative item in your home, besides having a storage function. If you want to add a classical and sophisticated note, it is worth looking at this option.

DVD binders

DVD binders storage ideas

In case you don’t have too many DVDs, you may consider these storage cases more than suitable.

They are compact and they can be placed anywhere because they can be closed, so their content will not be visible.

The cases also come in a variety of colors, so that everyone will be able to find a case in its favorite color. Such a case is also great if you want to take some DVDs with you, because you can easily carry it around.

DVD storage shelves ideas

DVD storage shelves ideas

While others have a room filled with book shelves, you can have it filled with DVD shelves.

This DVD storage idea is more than perfect for your entertainment room, where you spend time watching movies, listening to music, and even play video games.

Regardless what is the content of your DVDs you will certainly find plenty of room to store them with the help of these impressive shelves. They are also great if you don’t plan to stop collecting DVDs.

Level case DVD storage ideas

Levels case DVD storage ideas

Everybody knows how a regular DVD storage shelve looks like, so how about an irregular DVD storage shelf?

Such a shelf will not have the straight rectangular design, with highly organized lines. This one will have a more jagged shape, looking more like a toy rather than a DVD shelf.

But, if you are tired of the regular and would like something cool for storing your favorite DVDs, it is definitely an idea you should consider.

LED clock DVD storage design ideas

LED Clock DVD Storage Design Ideas

We usually are very attracted to multifunctional items, so the idea of a DVD storage shelf that also displays the time may be just what you need.

In case you were looking for a clock, one with a rather modern look being exactly what you were thinking about, this particular model may suit your needs.

It tells you the time and gives you plenty of space to store your favorite DVDs and have them in handy each time you need them.

Classic mission style DVD storage ideas

Classic mission style DVD storage ideas

Classic is always a great choice if you want to make sure that you won’t end up making a bad decision.

This particular cabinet looks great, allowing you to open its sections in order to store or look for your favorite DVDs.

When you’re not using it, just close it and it will look like a classic wooden cabinet, with the content known only to its owner.

It can be a great option because a closed cabinet gives you the impression of a de-cluttered space.

Solid hardwood DVD storage ideas

Solid hardwood DVD storage ideas

Would you like a DVD storing solution that will allow you to store a large number of DVDs, without occupying too much of your room.

This particular cabinet that has the doors made in the form of shelves as well will provide plenty of space.

When closed, it will look like any other cabinet you may have around the house, so it is up to you where you position it and how large you want to make it.

Sliding door inlaid glass DVD storage ideas

sliding door inlaid glass DVD storage ideas

If you like admiring your DVD collection and would consider occupying some of the shelves with your favorite books, a glass case would be an elegant solution.

It is a beautiful furniture item, made out of wood and with sliding doors that contain glass, so you can look at your collection and allow others to do so as well all the time.

The sliding doors bring a note of modernity, while the wood and glass combination is classical and never dying.

Southern enterprises fairmont espresso DVD storage ideas

Southern enterprises fairmont espresso DVD storage ideas

In case you don’t have too many DVDs or your space is restricted, a small glass case would be more than ideal.

It will allow you to store your DVD player as well, while providing sufficient storage space for your DVDs and being a beautiful furniture item in your home.

The additional drawer will allow you to store miscellaneous, the kind of items you want out of sight and out of mind. The color can be your choice and the simple design will make it easy to match.

Wall mounted sliding door DVD storage ideas

Wall mounted sliding door DVD storage ideas

This DVD storage idea is another interpretation of wall mounted glass cases, being larger and offering more space for your DVDs.

For this type of case, you will need a big wall because it may occupy a lot of space due to its three sections.

Still, don’t worry, as it is not too wide when it comes to its depth, allowing only one single row of DVDs to be placed on one shelf.

It is another amazing idea that can transform a dull wall.

Compact cabinet DVD storage ideas

Compact cabinet DVD storage ideas

This is another closed cabinet for the storage of your DVDs that has a slightly more sophisticated design. First of all, its base has nicely carved timbers.

Secondly, its mobile parts have a design that makes us think at the traditional wooden window shutters, which gives it a rather rustic air.

The inner space is more than generous for numerous DVDs, while the outside looks beautiful, being made out of wood, ideal if you appreciate furniture items with a vintage appearance.

Circular cardboard DVD storage ideas

circular cardboard DVD storage ideas

Even if you don’t like rectangular shapes, there still is a suitable DVD storage idea for you.

If you think that spheres and circles are more suitable for the style of your home, do check this unique shelf model for DVD storage.

It can be mounted on the wall, so it will occupy very little space, and it has a modern design, similar to a section of a snail’s shell. It is excellent if it manages to stir your imagination.

Adjustable DVD storage ideas

Adjustable DVD storage ideas

A great storage idea for your DVDs would be the vertical drawer.

It is elegant and can be successfully incorporated in your living room furniture, keeping your DVDs away when you don’t use them, so they won’t be lying around chaotically.

Due to the fact that it is vertical, the drawer allows you to neatly order each DVD so you can see its title by simply opening the drawer.

It also has a mechanism that will stop DVDs from falling over, in case there aren’t enough on one row.

IKEA gorm sheving

Convert a IKEA Gorm shelving unit into a stylish bench for books and DVDS storage

When space is not too generous, you need to do something and combine storage solutions with comfort. So how about a comfy bench that has all the DVD storage you need underneath?

Just check this idea out and see if it works for you. It is a pretty straightforward idea and the bench can be made as long as you need it, depending on where you are going to place it inside your home.

It is ideal for restricted spaces, providing two solutions instead of just one. Convert a IKEA Gorm shelving unit into a stylish bench for books and DVDs storage.

Shoe box DVD storage ideas

shoe box dvd storage ideas

If you are not in the mood to make big changes in your home or your budget cannot support elaborate DVD storage ideas, this solution will give you the needed space without wasting your money.

You can simply use shoe boxes, which will be labeled according to genre or artist, so you will find what you need fast and easy.

You probably never considered that DVD storing can be so simple, these boxes allowing you to store them anywhere you please.

Dynamic hanging DVD storage ideas

Dynamic hanging DVD storage ideas

The minimalist lifestyle and design are more and more promoted by numerous designers. If you like to keep things nice and simple, then this particular DVD storage idea will appear more than perfect for you.

They look like small cages for your DVDs, anchored by a support on the ceiling with the help of rope.

It is definitely a creative idea and will make an empty wall look more interesting, while giving you the much-needed DVD storage space.

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