Creative and Brilliant DIY Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom

Nightstands Ideas – Many people like to use their creativity to create DIY nightstands for their bedroom, to add a touch of personality to the decor.

If you look for ideas on Google you will find many examples of unique creativeness that the owners of the houses are using to make the house better and give a personal touch to the style.

The bedroom is the most private room in the house and decorating it with beautiful DIY nightstands is a great idea.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify what DIY means, that is Do It Yourself, or to create something personally in an artisan way rather than buying a product in a store or creating something helped by other people.

The object that is created is unique, personal and not reproducible, like any real craftwork and will indeed give a unique appearance to every room.

Often the most significant transformations we can make in our home are possible with furniture accessories created by us in DIY mode. The nightstands can be made with everything we have at home and with our creativity.

Always being creative is a fundamental requirement for a designer and for people who want to create something innovative and DIY products always have a personal touch of the person who made them.

With a few changes, the appearance of the bedroom will change radically. You do not have to think that making a DIY nightstand is an expensive and complicated process, with few tools and little raw material you can economically create unique items.

For example, you can use old items you find in the basement, some pieces of wood or whatever you want. The advantage of DIY is that you can turn anything into a nightstand. On the web, some people have created nightstands from old rattan baskets, old chairs, stools, drums, wine crates, stairs, and crates.

Creativity is at its best in this sector.

On the Internet, you can find many Sub-Reddit, Instagram and Pinterest profiles of DIY people who publish ideas for new nightstands that you can copy and modify your needs.

In my personal experience, I took inspiration from an idea found online, and I used two apple crates together to create an innovative nightstand for my bedroom, but this is just a small example. As already mentioned, the only limit is creativity and the desire to experiment with new things.

Old desks or typist tables can be turned into nightstands for small, compact rooms as the desks can hold lots of things besides a lamp and an alarm clock. A popular image on Instagram is that of a nightstand created with a table console decked out with decoupage works.

Let’s examine together the most original ideas that can be found online and which can be copied or modified according to your needs.

1. Creative Bookcase DIY Nightstand Ideas

Creative Bookcase DIY Nightstand Ideas

One user has used an old lawyer bookcase to create an innovative and particularly stylish alternative to a nightstand with plenty of room to store things and a unique look.

2. Craftsman Chest DIY Nightstand

Craftsman Chest DIY Nightstand

You can also innovate using trivial tools such as boxes. Tommy Chambers has created this DIY solution with a craftsman chest that offers plenty of space, a pop of red and an accessory that can significantly change the appearance of the bedroom using a trivial object.

3. Twice as Nice, Moneyless DIY Nightstand

Twice as Nice, Moneyless DIY Nightstand

If you want to save money, then this design is a solution as practical as it is simple, a real stroke of genius. Just take a table, cut it in half and glue the two pieces on either side of the bed to instantly have two nightstands with only one table.

Simple but incredibly useful, the real proof that creativity can do anything even without money.

4. Instrumental Design Nightstand by Killy Scheer

Instrumental Design Nightstand by Killy Scheer

Killy Scheer is a famous designer, and her mantra is always “never sacrificing style, even in small spaces.” To prove this statement, she used her husband’s accordion case on top of a stool as if it were a unique nightstand, works perfectly and can be quickly dismantled when the husband wants to use the accordion.

5. Industrial Look Nightstand Ideas

Industrial Look Nightstand Ideas

An old metal table for a typewriter that significantly characterizes each bedroom giving an exceptionally professional and industrial look. Its height is perfect for a bed, and a writer can comfortably write in his pajamas.

6. Excellent Solution Nightstand for Small Rooms

Excellent Solution Nightstand for Small Rooms

A shelf attached to the wall is an excellent solution for small rooms because it allows you to have a nightstand without sacrificing the space on the floor. Remember to place this shelf high enough so as not to risk hitting it with your head when you get out of bed.

7. Office Supplies (Vintage Nightstands Ideas)

Office Supplies (Vintage Nightstands Ideas)

The talented designer Kenneth Brown has created a vintage DIY with a Knoll cabinet that fits perfectly with a modern bedroom offering plenty of space and a unique style. You will have the feeling of having the office at home, making the bedroom the center of your world.

8. Desk Job Nightstand Ideas

Desk Job Nightstand Ideas

A desk near the bed is an excellent solution for optimizing space as it can store a lamp, a computer, books, and an alarm clock. It will become the reference point for work from home and will save a lot of space.

9. Old but Gold Nightstand Ideas

Old but Gold Nightstand Ideas

Old furniture can be renovated and modernized. The model examined has more than 100 years and has faced a “cosmetic surgery” that has transformed it into a vintage nightstand in contrast with a modern room, brilliant innovation and the testimony that everything can be renovated and modernized.

10. Borrowing from the living room

Borrowing From the Living Room

A solid wooden table, sophisticated addition to a simple and modern bedroom. So much space for each tool.

11. The Natural Alternative Nightstand Ideas

Natural Alternative DIY Nightstand

In this solution, the reclaimed logs are used as a nightstand. Among all the solutions this is the most economical, stylish and brings the external environment into the home.

12. Dual Purpose Design

Dual-purpose Design DIY Nightstand

An award-winning design created by Nicole Benveniste that mixes a small table, an upholstered stool, and a mirror to create an all-feminine space that can be used as a nightstand and as a space for organizing makeup.

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