DIY Computer Desk Ideas for Private Office / Home

Are you looking for fresh ideas to build your DIY computer desk? Well, you are in the right place. And you are in luck! Because in this article we have compiled DIY computer desk ideas from around the world wide web to inspire you.

Unique and comfortable computer desk design is inseparable for those of you who work with computers. As a work partner to earn a living, computers also need a good home or shelter and can make you more productive with what you do.

Do you already have a DIY computer desk to support your productivity? If not, I will share inspirational information on unique and comfortable DIY computer desk designs and good decorating methods to get the nice computer desk you want.

The need for a computer desk is not for those of you who are already working. A student or college student also needs a comfortable computer desk design that does not interfere with the user’s health.

Tips for Choosing a Computer Desk Model

Choosing a computer desk there should be several aspects that need to be considered. According to your needs, you must first analyze the need for a desk from your computer equipment. If you design it too much, it is also not good because it will make you uncomfortable, for example, too big will be many places.

For example, you are a laptop user, and you don’t need a too big table and a special space to put a personal computer case, UPS, stabilizer, or so on. Just as necessary as needed. If you use a complete and separate personal computer such as a case for the main computer, monitor, keyboard holder, sound system holder, ups, stabilizer, and printer, you need a special table design to suit your needs.

A good computer desk must be able to provide the facilities you need properly. The availability of an electric cable hole makes it easy for you to install cables and connectivity between devices so that the cables are neat and not complicated.

Some of my friends have designed a DIY computer desk that is quite large and luxurious, on the table there are 3 large monitor screens, there is a personal computer complete with the main PC case, there is a laptop too, there is also a special table to put the printer. A quite luxurious design is needed because there are also many computer equipment components and requires an appropriate table.

Seeing the conditions of the environment/workspace

Before you make a DIY computer desk plan, you must first look at the conditions of the room/place for you to put your computer desk. A room model with adequate windows and circulation is the right choice for getting a fresh and natural feel.

You can design in the middle of the house, in your bedroom, or it could be in the front room near the living room if you have special reasons such as to make it easier for you to adjust to children’s or family activities.

Choosing material/table material

The choice of this material is mandatory that you must consider because it relates to the strength of your table and the durability of your computer device.

A good DIY computer desk, strong and sturdy, made from quality raw materials. Teak wood is the right choice for a computer desk. Teak wood is a bit expensive, according to the quality of its durability.

There are other alternatives besides teak wood. Like my boarding house friends used in Jogja, the light wood from pine trees can also be used as computer desks. The price is quite affordable, requires more maintenance because this wood is easily brittle if the weather is humid.

A good material for a DIY computer desk is a material that is light and sturdy; one such material is polycarbonate (polycarbonate). The advantage is that your computer desk will be easier to move if you want to redesign your computer desk elsewhere. Besides being lightweight, the polycarbonate material is also durable and resistant to impact. Polycarbonate material is usually used for portable computer desks.

Pay attention to the ergonomic aspects.

Besides being unique, you are looking for comfort. Apart from the unique computer desk design, you shouldn’t see things, namely the comfort aspect. The ergonomic aspect is crucial because it will relate to your comfort when you are at your computer desk.

Ergonomic side calculation is critical because if there is a defect, it will have a fatal impact. For example, a computer desk height that is too low will make you burn quickly when working with the table. Of course, this will also affect your comfort and productivity.

Ergonomic means that it is designed according to the anatomy of the human body, so it is comfortable to use for a long time. The application of computer desk design is intended for calculations of functionality and good usability, including table height, wide computer table, and good placement of tables with chairs and other shelves. All that needs to be taken into account to provide maximum comfort.

Good Ergonomic Calculations for Computer Desk
Good Ergonomic Calculations for Computer Desk

Computer desk design

To make your computer desk unique, you’ll need to pull off some great designs and decorations. The trick is to pay attention to the model of the room, its placement, and most importantly, its unique decor. A good decoration is the computer component itself.

First, like a sound system designed on the side of the table or the wall on the computer desk side, you can adjust it as you like. Also, pay attention to desks for third parties such as printers and other multimedia equipment.

Second, provide a lamp next to your computer table, which can be a standing lamp on the side of the table. You can also hang the design on the roof ceiling for the main lights. Adjust the lighting so that the light can illuminate your entire workspace with the computer. Arrange in such a way, and most importantly, you are comfortable and excited with the decoration of these lights.

Third, add a family photo next to the table. It can be photos of both beloved parents, photos of lovers, photos of children, neat framed family photos. This can also be a photo of your work team that boosts your spirits. You can also add wall hangings to your idol characters with their inspirational quotes placed on your computer desk.

Fourth, choose a chair that matches the seat, but the most important aspect of choosing a chair is for your comfort. A comfortable chair is a chair that is soft and can make your body straight. Also, you can choose a chair whose right and left sides have armrests to hold you, plus there are wheels that can rotate at the legs of the chair.

Another aesthetic aspect is the color combination of chairs, computer desks, main computer components, and accessories that fill the computer desk. Of course, you need to list all of that first, you design it, and you will send it to where you order the computer desk you want.

DIY Computer Desk Design for Private Office / Home

The design of a DIY computer desk for your own home is necessary for those of you who work with computers at home, arguably suitable for you as a freelancer, not only for professional needs but also for the convenience of playing on the computer and studying your children, for doing your office tasks and others.

If you are still in school or college, this desk design is good for supporting your school assignments. The following table designs are not only good for you to design at your own home. If you are a boarding house boy, you can use the image below as a reference for you to design in your boarding room.

DIY Double Wooden Computer Desk

DIY double wooden computer desk

We start with a very interesting “desk meets bookcase” project. By incorporating a bookshelf as a chic divider, a desk becomes a tiny workspace for two.

As you can see, wide varieties of DIY computer desk projects are at the ready for those who want to be adventurous in home office design.

From the smallest wall-mounted surface to the largest L-shaped corner desk with maximum storage, a range of ideas are ripe for the picking.

Since many hours can be spent at a home desk, make sure the piece you choose is as practical as it is pretty.

Finally, don’t hesitate to get creative. Perhaps an image you saw today will inspire an original DIY project for your home office!

Small and Stylish DIY Wall Mounted Desk for iMac

Small and Stylish DIY Wall Mounted Desk for iMac

Gérard from The Netherlands has a sleek solution for his iMac.

“My Apple iMac obstructed our dinner table for a year. My wife did not make much of it. To please her I did a little Ikea hacking. I bought a Ludvig Laptop shelf/charging station. And a Ludvig Router/modem wall cabinet. I used the wall cabinet as a computer stand and the laptop shelf for my keyboard and mouse. Both Ludvig’s has nice compartments for various stuff (Hard drives, headset, DVD’s, etc.) The set is complemented with a Vitamin stool. When not in use the shelf is put to rest and the computer is not in the way. I think it is a nice hack and my wife is pleased. Mission accomplished.”

DIY Floating Corner Desk

DIY Floating Corner Desk

Today’s featured workspace is an elegant, custom-built computer desk that makes smart use of available space by hanging everything on the wall.

Lifehacker reader and patent illustrator and graphic artist Tom Geisler built this desk using two IKEA butcher block countertops, a few ledgers screwed to the wall and one heavy-duty L-bracket.

Although it’s designed as a standing desk, you could easily modify the idea by lowering the top surface and getting rid of the shelf beneath (or making it narrower) to accommodate a desk chair.

Nice details like the hole cut out for the monitor cord and the additional desk real estate from the L-shape design reflect Tom’s artistic eye. The IKEA countertops start at $89, so it’s a pretty inexpensive desk you could build yourself.

If you have a workspace of your own to show off, add some pictures to the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool on Flickr. Include some details about your setup and why it works for you, and you just might see it featured on the front page of Lifehacker.

DIY Hutch Desk

DIY Hutch Desk

Another storage-maximizing piece is the Cubby Desk and Hutch, a build-it-yourself project from the innovative blog Ana White. It’s funny how a small piece can make such a big statement!

Minimalist Floating Computer Desk

Our next DIY computer desk project belongs to Brooklynite Maggi Pattillo. she created this simple but stunning desk with a few boards from lowes and a whole lot of crafty-ness.

Her instructions are easy-to-follow and make for a fantastic weekend project if you’re looking to create a custom desk area. Click here for Maggi’s instructions. [thanks, Maggi!]

DIY Chalkboard Computer Desk

DIY Chalkboard Computer Desk

The next DIY computer desk is quite original! If you can’t bear to part with your child’s crib, turn it into a DIY desk with a chalkboard surface for writing and drawing fun.

The crib railing then becomes a cozy enclosure perfect for hanging supplies. Further details can be found at Apartment Therapy.

Parsons-style Modern DIY Computer Desk

Parsons-style Modern DIY Computer Desk

This is the computer desk that this very blog was built on. I love it because of the large top surface, ample storage, but clean simple modern design that begs to stay clutter-free. You can also use this desk as a console table.

Build it yourself with the help of the full tutorial at Ana White.

Large DIY Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

It seems the trend of shelving as a desk base is catching on. Why shouldn’t storage shelves be incorporated into the design of the workspace? They are practical and stylish!

The large DIY computer desk above utilizes baskets from IKEA for organizational purposes.

Not to mention, a wooden top constructed from Home Depot materials gives the piece substance. For a full tutorial, visit Aubrey + Lindsay’s Little House Blog.

IKEA Computer Desk with DIY Updates

IKEA Computer Desk with DIY Updates

Do you have an afternoon to spare rather than a whole weekend? Our next batch of DIY computer desks involves easy updates to pre-built pieces.

In fact, many DIY enthusiasts who love crafting things from scratch prefer to add finishing touches via paint when it comes to furnishings. That’s why this New Trestle Desk with Dipped Pink Legs is so appealing.

If fact, the project uses an IKEA desk as the starting point, then adds a little magic with white spray paint (for the legs), as well as hot pink spray paint for a dip-dyed look.

Turquoise washi tape along the edge of the desk completes the look. Check out the full tutorial at Florence Finds.

The $40 Standup DIY Computer Desk

The $40 Standup DIY Computer Desk

If you’re strapped for the room, how about hanging a standing computer desk shelf from your wall to save floor space?

That’s exactly what Brandon Keepers did, and for just $40 to boot.

Wall Mounted DIY Computer Desk

Wall Mounted DIY Computer Desk

Ok, this is maybe not a DIY computer desk tutorial or how to build it, but it would solve your main problem.

If you have ever felt to save your floor space from your computer desk, and sometimes you want to use your desk as bookshelves.

Don’t worry. In this computer desk ideas, you will get both of them.

DIY Fold-up Wall Desk

DIY Fold-up Wall Desk
DIY Fold-Up Wall Desk from Crafted Fairly – instructions here.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can also make your own custom fold up wall desk for your computer to make sure it fits all of your needs.

DIY Corner Wall Desk

DIY Corner Wall Desk

A corner wall desk is a great way to include a computer desk in your small space because it fills up a corner that would probably be wasted without it.

Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Wall Mounted Computer Desk

This wall mounted computer desks will save your space, look great, and give you an office space without needing a dedicated room.

Shelving Wall Mounted DIY Computer Desk

Shelving Wall Mounted DIY Computer Desk

This shelving system mounts to the wall and has a larger shelf that’s just the right size to be used for a desk.

These DIY computer desk ideas will bring you to the next level of a home office.

Wall Mounted Computer Desk with Three Cubbies Inside

Wall Mounted Computer Desk with Three Cubbies Inside

Three cubbies inside this computer wall desk will provide storage space to prevent your worktop from getting cluttered or disorganized.

Different Level Wall Mounted Desk

Different Level Wall Mounted Desk
Inspiration from a home designed by Atelier van Wenderden.

This wall mounted computer desks are at different heights making them suitable for both the adults and kids in your family house.

Pulled Out DIY Floating Desk

Pulled Out DIY Floating Desk
Float Wall Desk Designed by Dario Antonioni of Orange 22 Design Lab.

This DIY computer desk has a roll-out shelf that can be pulled out when you need more room to work or be left tucked in to conserve space in the room.

Minimal Geometric DIY Computer Desk

Minimal Geometric DIY Computer Desk
Desk box designed by Raw Edges

This minimal geometric floating wall desk is just the right size for studying or writing.

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