Create a New Look for Your Room with These Closet Door Ideas

Closet door ideas – The aim of every home user is to conserve space and ensure that the room is well kempt and tidy.

No one likes a room that has no space, especially caused by personal belongings that could take large space, thereby leaving the home user with no option than to seek for more space, just to have his properties accommodated.

This could lead to more costs of living because instead of improvising, a larger and costlier apartment is rented. The closet is one major thing that every house user should focus on, in order to save some space and ensure a well-tidied house.

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No one wants his belongings to be open to every visitor that comes around. The closet can easily accommodate a lot since its major function is for storage space.

In order to ensure that the house is tidy with good storage using the closet, we should focus on the kind of doors that the closet has.

It’s not wise for a closet that takes the responsibility of making the house look neat without properties and belongings being littered to also be a source of untidiness which means that the purpose for the closet isn’t achieved.

There are some reasons why we should focus on the style of the closet door so that the user can be informed on how best to modify or create a closet to avoid taking much space more than it’s expected to.

Reasons why style your closer door?

Even though you may think that the door of your closet always remains closed and shut, there are still sometimes when you need to open it to check out some important things that you need.

This is why it’s important to give your closet door a unique style that stands out.

Unconsciously the style of the closet door gets attractive to the eyes but we don’t usually put that into consideration. Therefore, we should try and remodel our closet doors to give it a unique and outstanding look.

If you need to install a new door or remodel the existing, it’s not just about the coloration but how to fix the doors of the closet to make it save lots of space, especially if it’s the sliding door.

I advise that the door should be a sliding door; therefore, the wall needs to be checked to help put the door in perfect way to be attractive to the eyes.

A pro in the fixing of the closet door is definitely needed because the wall is affected for the sliding door to work perfectly well.

In terms of choosing a way to fix or remodel your door, there lots of options that are available to help you feel proud of the kind of the closet door you have.

This helps a lot and makes the homeowner very happy at the end of it. We should mention and explain different styles of the closet door to help you make the DIY decision.

Some people are choosy, so be careful to understand the styles so that making a choice wouldn’t be confusing.

Closet door style

Sliding barn closet door ideas

Sliding barn closet door ideas

One of the greatest ways to save lots of space is the use of a closet with a sliding door.

They are the in close resemblance with the accordion door which folds but the sliding barn door automatically helps you to create some space and still keep your belongings in check.

For anyone that loves the rustic look, the sliding barn doors are there to help you to achieve that purpose.

It’s still possible that you may not easily find the barn door, though it’s widely known and exists everywhere, therefore, instead having the difficulty in finding sliding barn door, you can go for the distressed wood doors as a close alternative.

For someone who has made up his mind to go for a sliding door, it’s important that you know that there are two options or kinds.

One is the one known as the ‘pocket door’, in which the door slides into the wall but this involves restructuring the wall so that it could accommodate the door, no matter the length and width.

This isn’t a construction or restructuring that a novice can make, therefore, a pro is needed to take care of this.

The second alternative is the one that involves using a hanger to hang the closet doors.

The door roller kits are inevitable in this because that’s what makes it possible for the closet door to roll outside of the wall, not the one that goes inside the wall.

When shopping for this, ensure that the kit you choose matches your specification before you consider buying it.

French style closet door ideas

French style closet door ideas

This type door is the one that opens into the room, not into the closet, making it easier for the large space to be available to accommodate more belongings in a bid to safe some spaces and make the room neat and tidy.

A stylish painting or moulding could make the door look different and classy even at first glance.

Modern glass closet door ideas

Modern glass closet door ideas

Rooms with a modern day look will definitely fit and accommodate a modern glass closet door.

Frosted or icy glass sliding doors are pronounced option for homeowners with the intention of adding a stylish look at the same time hide the storage space with the opaque or semi-translucent frosted door that gives a beautiful look to the closet.

Superimposed glass is an alternative that works very well which can be framed with traditional woods to give it an exotic look.

If you’re uncertain and concerned about the damage to the closet door because of the glass, you may consider the use of polymerized, or the use of a glassy thermoplastic closet door, which has close resemblance with the glass door.

There are many styles of this to, so you have options to choose from.

Mirror closet door ideas

Mirror closet door ideas

Mirror, being a polished surface that forms image by reflecting light, is a unique way to give not just your closet a classy look but it creates a kind of special effect that accentuates the beauty of the room.

I call this extra-purpose closet door because, aside flattering the closet and the room, it give the homeowner the best option to be checking him/herself out in the mirror after dressing up.

It helps the user to ensure that she is dressed to the nines before leaving the house. Mistakes in dressing are also easily spotted in the mirror; therefore it gives an extra value to the user.

The Bi-fold closet door ideas

Bi-fold closet door ideas

You can choose to call it a two-fold closet door. They are closet doors that save space. They can be painted or beautified to create an unequalled style. Check out the few ideas:

Make the closet door detailed by installing woods modelled in geometrical forms for a neoteric look.

Hang textile from the rods of a curtain on both sides and ends, and fold in the centre to provide the beauty you seek.

Try and replace your doors with blinds. Making use of outstanding and well beautified wallpapers will help greatly in making the closet have a very inviting look.

Pop of color closet door ideas

Pop of color closet door ideas

This gives you the opportunity to make the best choice of colors by making combination.

But make sure that the coloration is of bright colors, not just black and white colors that are common, therefore not suitable for contemporary trendy closet doors.

Think of colors like Purple, red and yellow to make it more beautified. Trying a combination of a horizontal style of coloration will make the room outstanding and showy.

Chalkboard paint closet door ideas

Chalkboard paint closet door ideas

This kind of painting involves the use of chalkboard paint which, after forty-eight hours of the application.

The closet door because a place where things are written, either as a reminder or they can be used by children to improve their academic prowess by using the closet wall to learn and write.

Curtains closet door ideas

Curtains closet door ideas

In place of wooded closet doors, many people go for curtains since they still provide cover and hide the storage space, as well as give a beautiful look to the room.

Some may even use the same curtain used to decorate the room as the closet curtain. Sometimes the curtain can have a match with colours of the couches or sofas to create a kind of uniqueness.

With the curtain, the closet could be aerated, to avoid heat or unwanted smell since there is free passage of air, in an out of the closet.

Gallery of closet doors ideas

Industrial chic closet door ideas

Industrial chic closet door ideas

This kind of door has a metallic slide that saves space and makes the room look very beautiful. The slides attached to the wall have a wheel that is attached to the closet door to make sliding easy for the house owner.

Softer side closet door ideas

Softer side closet door ideas

For a softer emotional aura and beauty, fine gray wooden closet doors ensure convenience of sliding doors while adding a voguish barn-door feel to this serene space.

You should try and paint the colour of the closet door to have a cool match witch the colour of the room. This makes it exotic and unique.

Space saver closet door ideas

Space saver closet door ideas

A close substitute to the voguish sliding door is the classic pocket door. In this case, a glass pocket door makes great use of space and looks fresh and modern in this well-found bedroom.

Curtain call closet door ideas

Curtain call closet door ideas

This involves use of a long curtain; a white colour isn’t a bad choice because with a silky material or any simple curtain material.

The room becomes ravishing in addition to providing a good cover and protection of the storage space. This is alluring and gratifying.

Back to basics closet door ideas

Back to basics closet door ideas

Bi-fold doors are not mostly the first choice for house users because they are mostly seen as dated and a suitable choice against the dreaded accordion door.

It is intriguing that the simple door are affordable, therefore, isn’t too expensive to afford. In addition to its affordability, a lot of space is saved too.

Mirror image closet door ideas

Mirror image closet door ideas

Here, the bi-fold or twofold doors are each having a mirror attached to it. The mirror is usually as large as the bi-fold closet door, which gives special color effect and beauty to the room.

It is not just used for the purpose of serving as a closet door, but a beauty mirror for dressing and making up.

Minimalist Asian design closet door ideas

Minimalist Asian design closet door ideas

This is a closet door that looks like the Japanese Shoji. This has an Asian décor which gives it a special look.

The doors are wooded but have a background with semi-translucent panelled door to make it look different and classy.

Cute and convenient closet door ideas

Cute and convenient closet door ideas

This is one of the greatest space savers when considering the best save in closet doors. The doors are sliding doors but the two aren’t opened at the same time.

One gives way to the other, there it makes the closet simple but very nice in looks. Each space is need; the corresponding door is slid to overlap the other side of the door.

This is sometimes like a magic which brings out the best, thereby making the room look so simple but classy.

Sophisticated squares closet door ideas

Sophisticated squares closet door ideas

The use of patterned square design to cover the doors brings out the sophistication that is needed. The squares have the close resemblance of a chest board but with the same colour of the patterned square.

The colour could be bronze or of any colour that is deep enough to add to the beauty and sophistication of the closet door.

Cabin fever closet door ideas

Cabin fever closet door ideas

The advice for a user of this type of closet door is that the closet must be tidy because a curtain hung on a long oar is used but the closet is mostly exposed.

Therefore, if the closet isn’t tidy, the entire belongings are exposed, making the room to look tattered. The user of this kind of closet door must think of neatness first, if not, go for an alternative.

Rainbow bright closet door ideas

Rainbow bright closet door ideas

This is a simple white coloured closet but accentuated with different colours by the contemporary space of each door making the closet door look so cool.

The colours embroider the white colour, making it look like a rainbow, hence the name ‘rainbow-bright’. Lots of spaces are saved to since each door isn’t big to take a space, the doors are vertically placed.

Welcoming entrance closet door ideas

Welcoming entrance closet door ideas

In this type of closet door, a pair of frosted or iced glass doors provides a spectacular entre to this garish walk-in closet.

When the door is closed, the frosted doors perform the duty of keeping your personal effects and belongings protected while it still allows lights to storm through it.

It makes the closet shadowy but still screened so that the full picture of what is kept therein isn’t evident at a glance.

Play with pattern closet door ideas

Play with pattern closet door ideas

A Knotty pattern adds astuteness and texture to these ultra-feminine designs that make it beautiful and attractive to the eyes.

A metallic lustre on the closet doors reflects light and conjures a glamorous feel in this swank bedroom.

Clutter cover closet door ideas

Clutter cover closet door ideas

This closet door looks like a shower curtain but patterned in a way that it gives lots of elegant looks.

This type is more suitable for the children’s room because it looks simple for them to use. The curtain is light and well hung on the oar.

Creative control closet door ideas

Creative control closet door ideas

The closet door gives the user the chance and opportunity to appreciate good works of art. You can play with patterns and make the closet door so stylish and beautiful.

Apart from the drawing of the flower, any other design could be drawn across the door, making the closet door looking so elegant with the artistic designs on it.

But if the house user loves flowers so much, oversized flowers create a capricious look in this neutral space. Feel free to add any design of your choice. Artistry is appreciated in this.

Bi-fold doors offer full access closet door ideas

Bi-fold doors offer full access closet door ideas

Bi-fold door is very good because it offers full access to the entire closet, not the issue of giving you one space at a time.

The entire closet is exposed at once and closed at once depending on how you want it. Space is also saved while folded in accordion-style.

Consider louver doors for circulation closet door ideas

Consider louver doors for circulation closet door ideas

Louver doors have splines set in a frame that runs through the length of the door.

One of the major advantages of the louvers is that they allow air to freely flow into the closet but that doesn’t mean that the contents are exposed because there are still well protected and veiled.


Closet plays an important role in the room; therefore its importance shouldn’t be overemphasized. The kind of closet door you choose goes a long way in determining the uniqueness of your room in general.

Try as much as you can to ensure that your closet door is beautified to flatter and grace your room with beauty.

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