Bonus Room Ideas; Fresh and Unique Design Room for Your Home

Bonus Room Ideas – Often many people, when they are buying a house or renovating the existing one, try to find the space for a bonus room.

But what is this bonus room?

The bonus room is an additional room in the house, so it is not a bedroom, it is not necessarily a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom. It’s a room that can be used for any purpose, as a guest room, as a second bedroom, as a room dedicated to your passions.

Many men use these bonus rooms as their personal “Man Cave,” which are intimate rooms of man, full of objects that remember their passions, favorite foods, favorite music and where only the landlord and his friends.

These are rooms that are considered “an anti-stress bubble,” where a man can spend time alone or with friends, without thinking about the family and his responsibilities.

Some people consider these Man Cave a childish behavior of man, who escapes from life to take refuge in a safe place. The debate is very heated, and this is not the place to give our opinion, but the Bonus room is very similar to the Man Cave, but the big difference is that it can become the bonus room for the whole family or couple.

This room is a beautiful opportunity to do something together, to strengthen the bond and not isolate itself.

A creative designer can create beautiful furnishings in a bonus room, and in this article, we have redefined the best ideas of the moment, all created by the most qualified designers on the market, among these ideas you will find what you are looking for.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Bonus room ideas

1. The Pool; Basement bonus room ideas

basement bonus room ideas

A beautiful billiard table is positioned in the middle of the room as if to underline it’s being the pivot of collective fun. The billiard table is illuminated by delicate lights, which at the same time leave a slight shadow, which makes the game more difficult and unpredictable for both the beginner and the champion.

The bar chairs and the giant screens allow you to watch other sports if the guests are not interested in the game of billiards or to observe a great sporting event, such as the World Cup final altogether.

2. The Game; Bonus room ideas on beach style

bonus room ideas beach style

Everyone loves to play and have video games that have marked their childhood and would play with joy even now. Many people lose their passion for video games but remember with nostalgia the afternoons spent playing with their children’s friends.

This bonus room is focused on the theme of the game, with two beautiful armchairs in the shape of a nut, a new generation of smart TV and large sofas side by side to organize video game tournaments.
Do you love video games and playing with friends? So thesis the perfect bonus room for you.

3. The conversation (bonus) room ideas for family with bright style

bonus room ideas for family bright style

Very often in modern society communication follows two paths: too fast with technological means and too slow in interaction in the real world. People are too busy with their activities, and in the evening they are too tired to listen or talk.

The designer who created this bonus room decided to put the conversational the center of the scene, with comfortable chairs and sofas where you can sit, talk and rest.

The room is pleasantly lit and will become the famous discussion center for all your friends. Speaking means evolving, and evolution means becoming better people.

4. Bonus room has been designed to become a sanctuary of culture

bonus room has been designed to become a sanctuary of culture

Culture is fundamental for every person. Knowing new things, learning history, reading the best books are all activities that can enrich a person and make it better.

This bonus room has been designed to become a sanctuary of culture, the atmosphere is quiet, relaxed, the furniture contains many books, DVDs, and the lighting is dim, but not low, allowing you to read and identify with what the author wants to tell us.

If you love culture, do not accept compromises, this bonus room is perfect for those who want to know something new every day.

5. Kid’s bonus room ideas for home work

Kid's bonus room ideas for home work

A bonus room is not only designed for adults but can also be created for children. In this design, the designer has decided to create a bonus room suitable for a child who wants to start studying alone to conquer his or her autonomy.

The blackboard allows you to study everything, to do homework, you can study on the floor or on the table.

The important thing is to put your child to study in a place that can stimulate him or her, and this room is perfect for this purpose.

6. Our private lounge bonus room ideas

Our private lounge bonus room ideas

In every relationship it is essential to be able to carve out time for us, to cement the relationship and live emotions in our privacy. This design takes advantage of the bonus room for this purpose, creating a romantic and intimate, elegant and seductive atmosphere, with a large HD screen connected to

Netflix, a comfortable sofa and the chance to watch our favorite movie in peace and quiet. The lighting is delicate, and especially in the evening can create a unique atmosphere, which helps to create the ideal environment to strengthen the relationship.

Enter your private living room, spend an evening of love.

7. Blue business cafe style bonus room ideas

cafe style bonus room ideas

A bonus room can also be used to develop a business and work from home, not just for fun. In this project, the engineer has chosen to use a blue light, an idea that can displace someone, but that helps to create a cold and professional atmosphere, which stimulates work and competition, but at the same time a strong work ethic.

Each table can become a perfect workstation, and all the components of the business can work together.

Can a big business start from a bonus room? Yes, ask for Apple or Amazon.

8. The bonus kitchen and contemporary home office bonus room ideas

The bonus kitchen and contemporary home office bonus room ideas

Also, in this case, the bonus room is not used to create a place of entertainment, but as an extension of a fundamental part of the house. In this project, the kitchen is installed inside the bonus room. A wooden kitchen, with a delicate color, which gives tranquility to people and allows you to enjoy the food better.

A roundtable to eat altogether, an oven, a large window to illuminate the whole room and create an environment suitable for the entire family, where you can spend a pleasant time with your loved ones.

9. Lego! Contemporary play zone bonus room ideas

contemporary play zone bonus room ideas

Everyone loves Lego, children, and adults spend a lot of time with these bricks, building castles, cars, landscapes and creating real role-playing games with the characters in the blocks. Everybody loves Lego Batman!

The designer of this bonus room indefinitely a big fan, because he used all the best furniture to create a large play area with Lego’s for the whole family. If you want your children to grow up with beautiful childhood memories then play with them and give them so much love, Lego is a great way to do it.

10. The designer, cozy home office bonus room ideas

cozy home office bonus room ideas

There are people who have special talents, who can take a pen in their hands and create beautiful illustrations, which imagine houses, large buildings, cars, furniture, and can put their ideas on paper and share them with other people. A beautiful job.

Maybe this bonus room was created by a creative person to work, creativity is in every detail, in the bold form of the ceiling, the big screen, the work table.

Creativity is not created, you can only attract it with a design like this.

11. Horse race, an entertainment bonus room ideas

Horse race, an entertainment bonus room ideas

So many people love the adrenaline of horse racing and the opportunity to win a lot of money with bets.

This design is perfect for fans of horse racing, in fact, the big screen allows you to watch all the races of the day, with the thrill of the victory of your horse and the anger over the defeats and the desire to win again and cheering for our favorite horse.

The design is a nature theme, with a wooden roof, which makes the bonus room elegant and quiet, the ideal place to experience a moment of adrenaline with the favorite horse.

12. Inside a tree family bonus room ideas

Inside a tree family bonus room ideas

A bonus room can also be a place to take refuge in a moment of high stress, to calm down and regain lost control.

In this design, the designer tried to insert many elements that could calm a person in the grip of anger, anxiety, and fear. The impression is that of being inside a tree, as if it were a sort of new maternal womb ready to protect a person in a moment of stress.

The wood suggests tranquility and safety, you can sit, read and relax thanks to the light lighting and the scent of precious timber.

13. The child’s playground and family space bonus room ideas

The child's playground and family space bonus room ideas

A bonus room created tailored to a child. Turn this room into a fun place to spend time with your kid, make him happy and watch the joy in the eyes of a newborn.

The color white is an open color, which gives safety and toys will create a fun, and stimulating environment for your children and the only problem will get them out of the room.

14. The cinema at home bonus room ideas

The cinema at home bonus room ideas

Why leave home and spend money to watch a film with noisy and rude people?

This design has transformed the bonus room into a real home cinema, where you can watch all your favorite movies with your friends and family without having to worry about noises and annoying people.

A big screen, an excellent sound system, and comfortable armchairs will allow you to relax and save a lot of money.

15. The writer’s paradise, home office bonus room ideas

The writer's paradise, home office bonus room ideas

Are you an aspiring writer and looking for a silent place to concentrate and create a best seller?

This bonus room is perfect for you, it was designed to be spacious but very quiet, with a great desk where you can write by hand or with a laptop. The library allows you to consult old manuscripts and you can read drafts to your guests seated in the large armchair.

Invest in your creativity with this excellent design.

16. Kid’s space bonus room ideas

kids bonus room ideas

Your children will grow up and need their space in your home. Why not use the bonus room to create a game environment suitable for them?

All the elements of this project are designed to give children a play space, where they can stay quiet and in total safety while playing with their friends.

The game is a fundamental right of every child, and this bonus room is a manifesto of this fundamental right of every child.

17. Modern times kids play zone bonus room ideas

kids play zone bonus room ideas

A real designer must always be updated and be able to create something modern for each bonus room, the challenge is to create something modern, but without ever forgetting tradition and our origins.

This room is designed and furnished with a modern, elegant and refined taste, to create a current and dynamic environment, able to give positive energy to every person and the right attitude to face the challenges of every day.

18. Study and play, kids zone bonus room ideas

Study and play, kids zone bonus room ideas

To study it is necessary a stimulating and at the same time tranquil ambition. This bonus room is structured to be an ample space to study, thanks to the large table, but also to play and perform creative and stimulating activities, such as reading or playing role-playing games.

This bonus room is a real investment in the intellectual development of your children, which will be the future of our nation.

19. A new living room

mini home office bonus room ideas

This design emphasizes the importance of a living room inside the home. The designer has thought of the strengths of that room and brought them to their maximum, creating this dynamic and welcoming environment where you can spend quality time with the most important people in our lives, reading, writing and even eating.

The living room represents our life, and we have to live our life to the fullest.

20. The CEO Room

modern home office bonus room ideas

Thanks to the web everyone can work from home and make a lot of money by staying in their living room. This bonus room has been designed to work from home and to receive sponsors and investors for a business meeting. The place is worthy of a CEO of a large multinational, with a beautiful parquet, large desks, and excellent lighting.

The big business can be from modest locations, one for all? Apple.

21. The kindergarten of children bonus room ideas

The kindergarten of children bonus room ideas

All children love to play with friends, and the first friendships take place in kindergarten. Thanks to this design, your bonus room can become a second kindergarten for your child and for all kindergarten children.

They play with the big gorilla puppet, they will color at the table and parents can control them sitting on the couch.

Turn this room into an enchanted place for all the children in your neighborhood, and parents will love you.

22. The play zone bonus room ideas with beach style

play zone bonus room ideas with beach style

If you love the sea but unfortunately live in the city, you do not have to despair.

This design is inspired by the sea and will transform your bonus room into a heavenly place inspired by the sea where you and your kids will have the chance to experience beautiful adventures!

The sea at home is possible, with this design, with a beautiful blue color and gadgets inspired by fish.
Are you ready to take a bath?

23. The party and play zone bonus room ideas

A bonus room can be used as a venue for teen parties.

This beautiful design is perfect for this purpose because the furnishings are really minimal and leave plenty of space to play, dance and talk with friends and meet girls and boys.

The foosball table is a great classic, a vintage touch that ensures fun for everyone, without being always connected to the Internet.

24. The corner of meditation bonus room ideas

The corner of meditation bonus room ideas

The bonus room can become a real corner of paradise to be able to meditate in peace and in complete privacy.

The chair allows you to stretch your whole body, relaxing the spirit and thinking about our entire life, the furniture is minimalist, and the room can also be used for yoga and physical activity.

When you come out of this meditation bonus room, you will indeed be new people.

25. The three musketeers, home theater bonus room ideas

The three musketeers, home theater bonus room ideas

Do you have fraternal friends who have accompanied you throughout your life? A bond of friendship that has resisted time and experience?

Turn the bonus room into a real friendship room, where you can watch movies, talk or cheer your favorite team.

Genuine friendships are destined to last forever, and you will celebrate them in this bonus room.

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