Genius Ways to Store Blanket That You Never Noticed Before

Blanket Storage Ideas – It’s getting chillier outside, and for me, which means hauling out all of my many blankets! I should have a few loopy obsessive fetishes with blankets because I even have a daft quantity of them that I have accrued over the years. So here are 14 of the great methods to save and prepare blankets.

Where to Store Blankets?

There are such a lot of exclusive opportunities wherein you may keep your blankets. Sometimes all it takes is to assume out of doors of the box. The first component you want to do is consider how frequently you operate particular blankets and how frequently you want to get entry to them.

For example, when you have blankets every day to your nightly Netflix binging, it’d likely be sensible to place them in a without difficulty on hand area.

Here are some locations wherein you can keep blankets that you use frequently:

  • In a massive basket after the sofa
  • In a cabinet below the TV, when you have integrated cabinetry
  • Create a bin for your kid’s closets, particularly for their blankets
  • Draped over the top of a bed
  • Folded over the armrest of a sofa or draped over the returned of a sofa
  • Inside of an ottoman on the foot of a bed
  • Inside of a window seat compartment

If you’ve got heirloom quilts that you don’t need to component with, however, need to maintain them in a considerable area, don’t forget to set them somewhere, you won’t see them frequently.

Here are some blanket garage thoughts for blankets (and quilts) you don’t use frequently:

  • Under the bed (I notably advise setting them in a garage bag to maintain insects or dirt off of them)
  • At the pinnacle of a closet
  • In a spare bedroom closet
  • At the lowest of your linen closet (positioned it in a garbage bag if you’re going to place it on the floor)
  • Use an over-the-door towel rack
  • On a timber blanket ladder as part of the decor
  • Use Vacuum seal baggage to shop space!

How to Keep Blankets Smelling Fresh?

After a while, blankets can genuinely begin to odor stale and downright pungent. The worst element is that the handiest character that could note it’s miles your friends! That’s why it’s critical to get your blankets into your ordinary laundry agenda.

My favorite manner to agenda my numerous chores is to position a reminder in my Google Calendar. For example, I commonly wash our daily-use quilts every few weeks…or more significantly if they want it! You also can cast off pungent-smelling blankets by including 1 cup of vinegar into your wash load. But don’t worry! They don’t odor like vinegar forever! As quickly as you pull them out of the dryer, it’s just like the stench by no means happened…vinegar or otherwise!

Some Blanket Storage Ideas You Should Try

Over the Door

blanket storage ideas over the door

I searched out a manner to save my blankets wherein I didn’t have to use ground space. This over-the-door blanket ladder of kinds is initially intended for towels at the return of a toilet door; however, it really works top-notch for blankets as well!

This is a remarkable manner to hold blankets folded properly and semi-out of attain from kids! So when you have blankets which you handiest use on unique occasions, that is an excellent answer for that in addition to each day’s use.

It is available in plenty of shades to pick out from so that you can suit it on your house. You do must gather it yourself; however, it turned into relatively straightforward.

In a large basket

blanket storage ideas in a large basket

Don’t be fooled by this photo. Blankets in this basket should NEVER be folded. I call it the “lazy” method of “folding” blankets, and it is also a personal favorite of my children.

This is one of my favorite ways to store and organize blankets. I put this basket on the other end of the couch, and these are the blankets we use the most when we watch TV. I love it because we can quickly curl up to watch a good Netflix show with a soft, comfy blanket.

And when I ask my children to clean the family room when they are done, they have to straighten their pillows and throw the blankets into the big basket.

It was a great compromise between the kids and me because they could easily clean up the mess on the blanket and still make Mom happy!

I bought the basket many years ago, so I don’t have a link, but it’s the same XL quilt basket, so it’s super cute!

Blanket Ladder

Best Ways to Organize Blankets

A few blankets are arguably more graceful or easy to watch than Netflix’s daily use. I usually put these blankets on my blanket ladder. This is the perfect way to store, organize, and put on blankets. Screen!

What I like most about this staircase because it is more of an ornament than a mere utility. It’s even a great way to showcase quilts if you’re a quilter or have heirloom patchwork quilts.

Even if you are one of the most luxurious shepherds, it suits them very well. Adding blankets to your décor adds layering or warmth and comfort to your décor … this is especially appreciated during the fall and winter months. Even if these special blankets are not used every day.

I got my impressive Deb Blanket Ladder with Beaver Wood Crafts on Etsy. She has excellent customer service, and I am delighted with my purchase. I chose a 5-foot ladder with a gray gradient for the ladder for the blankets. It comes in a variety of finishes and sizes.


I forgot to take a picture of my couch, but I have a leather couch at the end of my bed that I have had for years with a flip-top for me to store seasonal blankets and pillows; this is always the perfect place Ideal to throw a blanket over my bed in summer …

It’s cold outside, so I’m almost ready to take out my vast blanket to keep us warm all winter! I love my sofa because it is a very comfortable place to put body pillows, heavy blankets, head pillows, or whatever you use at night to help you sleep.

Under the bed

store blanket under the bed

As I said, I have a lot of blankets. And it looks like people love to give blankets too! So we really have a wonderful collection of amazing handmade quilts and quilts for the home. In addition, many people in our family are well-versed in sewing and have sewed beautiful patchwork quilts for us over the years.

Because our family needs have changed or my children have exceeded them, I need to find some storage space. These duvets are special enough to be stowed away, but I don’t want them to take up space in a space used as often as my linen closet.

So I found this fantastic duvet cover that you can easily tuck under your bed! They are very durable and what I like most about them is the window, so you can see exactly what is inside.

Closet Boxes

blanket storage ideas closet

I bought these boxes from Drona at Ikea about a year ago to clean up the clutter in my kids’ closets. But, instead, we end up using them for the stuffed toys and blankets we use every day.

I love that my kids can make the bed and throw the blanket in the bin without folding it (again, don’t let the picture fool you), and no one knows the difference, including me. This is victory!

Blanket Bag

blanket bag

This is a great way to store and organize huge quilts, such as quilts. This duvet cover is HUGE! When I opened the box, I was amazed at its size. I could easily add a PLUS 24 full-size duvet inside, depending on the duvet size. Again, I love the window portion of the bag, so I can see exactly what’s inside without taking everything out of the bag.

Excellent quality bag with sturdy carrying handle. This is what you will use to keep your blanket in your closet. This is an excellent solution for keeping bulky large blankets or duvets tidy and keeping everything clean and dry.

Hopefully, I’ve found some helpful tips and products you can use around the house this fall and winter to keep and organize your blankets.

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