20+ Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Surely Wish to Try This at Home

Accent Wall Ideas – Walls are functional parts of our home or office, but they can also help with the aesthetics of the space.

If you have a specific architectural detail you want to underline, if you have a room or space that is way too big in your opinion, or if you think a room is too dull, you can easily change its entire appearance with the help of a wall.

You have no idea how to do this? Keep reading because you are about to get no less than 20 amazing accent wall ideas that will help you with this house improvement project.

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Still, do try to make the best of it and enjoy the process, deciding which of these ideas would work best in your case. After all, the wall accents you pick should fit the style and overall appearance of your home or office.

To get you ready for this new project, here are 5 easy steps for setting up an accent wall in no time, before we actually get to talk about the ideas mentioned previously.

There are easy and cheap ways of revamping a room, with the help of a wall, which can be one fast and have a spectacular result. For instance, for some extra drama, your feature wall should have a contrasting color.

If you have a fireplace, for instance, the accent wall you create around it will make the viewer focus on the fireplace automatically.

To be sure that these 5 steps will deliver high-quality results, we talked with the representatives of different companies that perform wall painting tasks, so we could get the advice and opinion.

So, here is what we got in the end.

1. Darker colors for a bit of drama

Dark colors are great for contrasting with a room that has light colors all around it. If you really want to create a dramatic effect and a visible result, be bold and opt for navy blue, charcoal grey, and, if you have the guts, even pure black.

The color doesn’t have to cover the entire wall, because just a few accents is all you need to increase focus over one particular aspect of the room.

According to Sophie Bergeron, a style and color expert at Benjamin Moore, it is recommended to go for a darker color, to add drama accents, when we choose the color of a room.

The same expert states that blue and black work great together on the walls of a room, adding both drama and the feeling or airiness.

2. Color blocking can also represent a great solution

You’re not too happy about solid colors on your walls? Then it doesn’t have to be this way. Adding colored stripes or graphic shapes can also enhance the look of a room.

Bev Bell, a Beauti-Tone expert in colors, stated that if in a room, soft color hues alternate with lively pop colors, the effect is incredible.

The accent wall will bring in drama but also harmony, in a combination that is exciting and pleasant as well.

3. Go for personalized wallpapers

What can’t be personalized these days? If you can’t find wallpaper on the market that meets your requirements and preferences, you could easily find a wallpaper manufacturing company that can create wallpaper just for you.

You can collaborate with the experts of the company to add colors and patterns as you like, making sure that the wallpaper will fit the rest of the walls in the room.

Sarah Cole, the Director of Farrow & Ball, a company that makes personalized wallpapers, said that the appearance of wall accents allowed people to enjoy the presence of wallpapers without the need to cover all the walls of the room in this manner.

This way, a room can be easily customized according to the style and personality of the owner.

4. An accent wall can underline the personality of your living space

The spaces that could use the benefits of adding accent colors are the multifunctional spaces, in particular. Everybody loves open spaces, but they may give you the feeling that the entire house is one whole thing.

By creating wall accents here and there, like to define the area where your office is or where the bedroom is. You can create various effects depending on the color combinations you use.

All of a sudden, the space gets a particular personality, making you think about an exotic vacation, an escape at a cabin up in the mountains, or whatever feeling you would like to recreate.

5. Rooms in black and white could use a pop accent

Black and white spaces are elegant, but you would appreciate the presence of a pop color contrasting with the sober surroundings. A color splash in such a room will automatically refresh its appearance and give it a modern look.

You can pick the color according to the way the room is decorated or according to your personality and preferences. The best choices would be in the warm colors spectrum, starting with yellow, orange, and so on.

Considering that you already have the basics of what it means to create wall accents in the spaces where you live and work, let us move on to those 20 accent wall ideas that will help you redesign your space.

Geometric wall paint inspiration. Image source; Freshome

1. Accent wall ideas by adding a world map

Accent wall ideas by adding a world map

World maps are great as wall accents in every situation. They can fit any kind of room, especially the living room or your office.

If you feel generous enough to go for an entire wall covered with a world map, the effect will be even more spectacular.

2. Darker accents wall ideas in a lighter room

Darker accents wall ideas in a lighter room

It is true that light rooms, decorated with light colors all over, make the space look wider. But, a wall accent with dark colors will not shrink the space, but make it more mature and artistic.

3. An accent wall ideas that located across the room

An accent wall ideas that located across the room

The best way to make a room appear welcoming and warm is to pick the wall that is furthest away from the entrance and transform it into an accent wall.

It doesn’t matter what accents you will add to it, because the effect will be the same, making people want to come closer.

4. Accent wall around the headboard of your bedroom

Accent wall around the headboard of your bedroom

You can’t have a bedroom without a headboard, because it comes along with the bed. Still, no one considers about making this wall as an accent wall.

So, why don’t you use this extra space to give your bedroom a bit of personality?

5. Opt for wood pallets

Opt for wood pallets

Who would have thought that wood pallets could be great for making accent walls?

If you want to bring a rustic air to your home, this is the best option that will cost you very little.

6. A chalkboard as an accent wall

A chalkboard as an accent wall

Wouldn’t you love a place in the room where everybody could get creative? If so, considering covering a wall with a chalkboard.

It can be used for hanging the beloved photos of the family or as a space for various art works made with chalk.

7. The stone wall

The stone wall

If you want something classic, something that creates a spectacular effect without the risk of going in the wrong direction, you need to choose a wall decorated in stone.

There’s no way to do this wrong and it will change the way a room looks in a way you’d never imagined.

8. Accent walls ideas with geometric shapes

Accent walls ideas with geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are a modern way of enhancing the appearance of a room. It is the type of improvement that can be done in any room around the house, also being a great candidate for DIY projects.

9. Faux-wallpaper that you can do

Faux-wallpaper that you can do

It is amazing the results you can get by using a stencil and a combination of elements made out of paint that is high-gloss and flat.

This way, you can achieve amazing a faux-wallpaper effect that will decorate your wall in a subtle manner.

10. Make your own wallpaper

Make your own wallpaper

Believe it or not, there are ways to create the desired wallpaper at home. It is much cheaper and you have the chance to make it as you please, if you don’t mind the work that comes along, of course.

11. An accent wall ideas with a central piece

An accent wall ideas with a central piece

If you have something on a wall that deserves to become the central piece of the room, like a fireplace.

You can use details like a different wall color, a patch of wallpaper, stone, or anything else added to that wall to attract all the attention of that particular piece and make it the star of the room.

12. Wallpapered walls

Wallpaper as an accent wall

This is probably one of the easiest ways to create an accent wall. If you use furnishing pieces in the same color with the wallpaper, the visual effect will be even greater.

13. Accent wall ideas near your staircase

Accent wall ideas near your staircase

The wall that supports a staircase is the tallest, which usually makes it the last on the list for decorating.

Still, it is sufficient to use a different color for this wall and you’ll be done with it in no time, not to mention the great effect it will have.

14. A mural scene on your wall

A mural scene on your wall

Murals are great when it comes to wall accents, there’s no doubt about it, so if you pick this solution you will end up loving your living space a bit more.

Just opt for an image that makes your senses vibrate each time you look at it.

15. Accent wall ideas with stripped wood

Accent wall ideas with stripped wood

For this, all you need are some pine boards that will cover a wall. Even if it is rather easy to set them up, you will need to use wood lacquer to give them a bit of color and shine, and to keep them protected.

16. The magic of bookshelves for accent wall ideas

The magic of bookshelves for accent wall ideas

You can easily make an accent wall with the help of a bookshelf. To add a bit of contrast, use a different color for painting the back wall, without doing anything to the shelves themselves.

17. Accent wall ideas covered in art

Accent wall ideas covered in art

If you don’t want to paint a wall, you can leave it as it is and just add art pieces on it to turn the wall into the accent wall of the room. Yes, it can be this simple.

18. Wall covered in fabric

Wall covered in fabric

This is another great idea that can easily turn into a DIY project. You can use fabric pretty much in the same way you use wallpaper to cover a wall.

So be creative and trigger the desired effect inside a room.

19. A wall stripped with grasscloth

A wall stripped with grasscloth

You aren’t too much into rustic accents but you love the idea of having 3D stripes on your walls?

For this, you can use grasscloth wrapped on boards and mounted horizontally on your wall.

20. Use the ceiling to bring accents

Use the ceiling to bring accents

Using the ceiling to bring decorative accents into the room is a great idea, especially in the rooms where there are many widows and you can’t create an accent wall, because you don’t have any.

If you take this approach, though, commit to it. Go big with your display – floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Make it an actual accent wall. Have fun with this? SHARE! (*All image source by: homedit.com)


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