15+ Types of Dressers Furniture for Your Bedroom (Greatest Buying Guide)

types of dressers furniture

Discover the 15 types of dressers furniture for your bedroom. Incredibly there are several kinds, styles as well as designs. Lovely collection of low-cost and pricey dressers.

Dressers may look like among the much more utilitarian pieces of furniture; something of high value as well as daily use, yet nonetheless neglected when it comes to developing an enticing try to find your house.

The truth is that a new dresser can be equally as much of a standout centerpiece as any type of, a lot more obvious furniture.

We are here to break down the alternatives as well as figure out the wide variety of dresser choices for any individual looking to acquire a brand-new model for their home.

Our, is a contemporary all-natural wood development in a modified common layout framework, with the body floating over an open dark wood frame.

We begin with design, one of the most vital element of any kind of dresser. This educates the form, feature, as well as overall look, and also will certainly be the initial consideration making.

Next off, we take a look at the handful of different build materials your new dresser might be consisted of. Finally, we browse a choice of styles with which your new furniture will be finished.

This figures out specifically just how a new dresser could suit your home and your way of life.

Dressers Design

The first major decision to make when looking for a brand-new dresser for your house is: what layout do you require?

This will considerably tighten your options down and also provide a clean starting point in your quest.

The overall style of a dresser is its most specifying feature, giving way to the factors to consider of construct, design, and any other functions.

1. Types of dressers; Requirement horizontal dresser

Types of dressers; Requirement horizontal dresser


The standard dresser layout originated from one of the earliest furniture pieces developeded: the chest. These are flat drivened, squat in account, and include typically two columns of cabinets.

2. Types of dressers; Common vertical chest

Types of dressers; Common vertical chest


The upright upper body, additionally known as a tallboy, is much taller than the standard dresser design, with a double stack of drawers making up a column shaped furniture piece.

Sometimes the upper fifty percent is changed by a cupboard, that makes it right into an armoire.

3. Types of dressers; Combo dresser

Types of dressers; Combo dresser


The combination dresser design is in truth a combination of 2 significant components. Many designs integrate a typical squat dresser with a high cupboard, as seen here.

This permits even more storage alternatives in a solitary furniture.

4. Types of dressers; Bachelor’s chest

Types of dressers; Bachelor's chest


An especially a lot more minimalist framing of the dresser form, the bachelor’s upper body includes a solitary column of cabinets in an extra squat, in some cases slim frame.

Initially, these had an inclined surface area for writing, but most have horizontal surfaces nowadays.

5. Types of dressers; Gentlemen’s chest

Types of dressers; Gentlemen's chest


The gents’s upper body is a configuration where the cabinet column is coupled with a large up and down drivened cabinet door.

This holds a large dental caries where put up suits, trousers, and also various other clothes could be stored.

6. Types of dressers; Lingerie chest/ semainier

Types of dressers; Lingerie chest/ semainier


The underwear upper body, likewise referred to as a semainier, typically holds seven cabinets, indicated for each and every day of the week. The layout is tall, long, with deep and also narrow cabinets.

Dressers material

Dressers are just one of the few categories of furnishings that are regularly made of one material, timber.

Beyond simply tradition, timber building in dressers is simply the most functional as well as dependable structure product. While most of dressers will be wood, there are significant exemptions.

7. Wood dressers

Wood dressers


With wood, you get a full galaxy of choices and also arrangements, as the venerable product has actually experienced every design permutation in the dresser’s long history.

From minimalist to rustic to specify contemporary designs, wood can be found in an array of dresser designs.

8. Steel dressers

Steel dressers


While much less usual compared to wood, metal dressers can be found in a range of layouts.

From fully metal versions, like our example right here, to hybrid dressers employing steel along with wood, the product can be used for innovative purposes, and provide a lighter weight frame.

9. Wicker/Rattan dressers

Wicker/Rattan dressers


Wicker, additionally known as rattan, is a sort of woven material that can be crafted from all-natural fibers or plastic.

Solid, resistant to moisture and stains, and also surprisingly lightweight, this product emerges on many cottage design designs, and also is often incorporated within timber frameworks as the drawer build.

10. Leather dresser

Leather dresser


While the framework of the dresser itself is built from timber, some items boast a fully natural leather surface, for an abundant, textural appearance. This instance features switch tufted cabinets in white leather upholstery.

Dressers Style

11. Traditional dressers

Traditional dressers


Traditional style features a timeless, in-depth look, with carved timber structures, a little decoration, and straight lines as well as general shape.

12. Contemporary dressers

Contemporary dressers


Contemporary style is an appearance that is “of the now,” having undoubtedly as much as day styling and touches that might originate from no previous period.

There are no predefined stylistic tics for modern furniture; a wide range of differing details can fingernail this look.

13. Home dressers

Home dressers


Cottage design is implied to evoke an unwinded, warm, and soft country living sensation, with carved timber, light tones, as well as a stayed in appearance.

14. Rustic dressers

Rustic dressers


With a look centered around timeworn, all-natural, weather defeated structures and tones, rustic style is the epitome of old fashioned, homespun furnishings.

Dressers of this kind will certainly utilize troubled wood, soft steel hardware, as well as a practical framework.

15. Modern dressers

Modern dressers


Modern design is committed to a certain stress of design coming from the 20th century, with clean, futuristic lines in unique configurations.

Our example below is on the severe end of futuristic, however still fits the general concept of a forward looking aesthetic language in a nicely packaged design.


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