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20+ Living Room with Fireplace That will Warm You All Winter

living room with fireplace

Living Room with Fireplace – Welcome to our gallery including a collection of comfy as well as elegant living rooms with oh-so-cozy fire places and also a guide to what does it cost? they set you back.

Historically, fireplaces were used to warm the house. These days, nevertheless, the fireplace is all about ambiance. Fire places could be made to match any style of house, from standard to modern.

One of the most famous fireplace is, naturally, the wood-burning masonry fireplace, as seen in the above living-room.

Wood-burning fireplaces provide the rewarding sizzle and also pop, however need more maintenance as well as have more safety concerns than various other designs of fire places.

Gas fireplaces are straightforward to light as compared to wood-burning fireplaces, needing only the basic push of a switch to obtain a roaring fire going – however operating on natural gas can be exhausting on the purse.

When I think about a fireplace, I think of an open fireplace, with absolutely nothing in between me and the fires yet air.

But this isn’t really the only option. Many property owners opt for a confined fireplace– that is, a fireplace that keeps the fires behind glass.

Confining the fires not only makes the fireplace much safer, it permits developers to place fire places in areas aside from against a wall surface.

This collection presents a different selection of both renowned masonry fireplaces and also glass-enclosed gas fireplaces – yet all the rooms have one essential information alike: the exciting fires that chase the chilly away.

It’s essential to note that you ought to definitely double check your authorizations prior to hiring a contractor and also beginning building and construction of a new fireplace or renovations on an existing one.

Some areas restrict the building of fireplaces to brand-new building, meaning you wouldn’t be able to include a fireplace to an older residence.

We wish you appreciate this incredible gallery and also come away with ideas for your personal living room.

Living room with fireplace Costs

If you prefer to add a fireplace to your existing home, you can anticipate to pay between $400 and $10,000. Why the huge variant?

Well, there are a great deal of design and styles to pick from, and your selection identifies precisely what you’ll pay for your fireplace.

Electric is the least pricey option, tends to be easy to install, and also starts for under $400. On the other hand, gas fireplaces set you back $2,000 for simply the most raw materials, plus an additional $2,500 for installation.

Traditional wood-burning fire places certainly require hiring an expert to install, and generally cost under $10,000. (Credit: House Logic).

And don’t forget concerning maintenance costs. Fire places have to be cleaned and serviced; specifically gas and wood burning fireplaces.

If you’re building a new residence and also wish to include a fireplace, your fireplace could set you back between $1,500 as well as $30,000, depending on the functions you pick, dimension, regional labor rates, smokeshaft elevation, and various other aspects. (Credit: Cost Helper).

Additional costs

Fire wood

Fire wood expenses can accumulate rapidly, depending on the sort of wood as well as area you reside in. Firewood needs to be clean, skilled, and also dry prior to burning.

You’ll have to likewise acquire a fireplace grate that will maintain the burning timber off the bottom of the firebox, which could cost in between $25 and also $75, with decorative high-end versions costing upwards of $1,000. (Credit: Cost Helper).

Fireplace tools

These can set you back in between $15– $95 for a shovel, broom, and stoker, plus around $100 for an ash vacuum, $200 for a screen, to name a few items. (Source: Cost Helper).

Annual cleaning costs

Fire places need to be cleaned to keep from coming to be a fire risk.


These could be optional, however they really look great. Expect to pay in between $100 and $3,000 for a custom mantle, depending on the style and also if you include a complete surround. (Source: Cost Helper).

Carbon monoxide gas Detectors– several places require you to have carbon monoxide gas detectors, which can cost about $50. (Source: Cost Helper).

Fireplace types

Timber fireplace

Wood-burning fire places have the standard visual, including the trademark fragrance, crackling sound, as well as the dance flames.

They’re self-sufficient when it comes to an electrical interruption, and also can be made use of to warm the space regardless.

Of course, they’re also hard to clean, need a lot of maintenance, and have to be tended, unlike gas or electrical fireplaces.

Gas fireplace

Gas fire places have the tendency to be cleaner compared to wood-burning choices, are less complicated to start, and also are actually much better for heating the room compared to a wood-burning.

Where a lot of the warmth heads out the smokeshaft.

Nevertheless, they do not have the charm of a wood-burning fireplace as well as work on nonrenewable fuel sources, which are not eco-friendly.

Corn or pellet stoves

Corn or pellet ranges are clean-burning alternatives with a cheap gas option, but are expensive to install and also require electricity to run in enhancement to the corn or pellet gas.

Electric fireplace

These are super easy to install; simply plug in as well as get started. They’re mobile, low-cost, and could be used in any type of room.

Nevertheless, they look inexpensive, and also will not include value to your house. They also have the tendency to make use of a lot of electricity which will raise your bill.

Living room with fireplace gallery

Diverse accessories living room with fireplaces

Diverse accessories living room with fireplaces

An antique Argentine mirror draws the eye to the impressive limestone fireplace in the living room of a Spanish colonial rebirth.

Generous Kent couches by Hickory Chair, upholstered in Perennials’ Rough ‘N Rowdy, offer comfy yet stylish sitting around the custom coffee table.

Brass side table from Galerie Negropontes. Louis XVI fauteuils in Galbraith & Paul’s Tulip, a velvet. The wall surfaces are repainted in Benjamin Moore’s Morning Light. Sisal rug, Fibreworks.

Tiles fireplaces

Tiles fireplaces

The dining room fireplace in a California house is embellished with whimsical vintage Baguès sconces.

A mantel that blends in

A mantel that blends in

Designer Meg Braff oriented the seats in this Colonial Revival home in Lattingtown, New York, around the fireplace. “When there’s a fireplace in a room, you want to be around it.

Braff claims. “You can imagine a fire also if there isn’t really one.”

A massive coffee table from Meg Braff Antiques & Decorations anchors the couch and the chairs, as well as a vintage chartreuse leather wing chair adds breeze.

All-natural appeal

All-natural appeal

Awesome nights make fires a must, also in summer season. “There’s a camping-out feeling that’s extremely attractive,” developer Markham Roberts says of this living-room in a Pacific Northwest residence.

At rafter height, galvanized-steel lights with organic intermediaries, created by the original engineer James Cutler, cast a mild glow on Douglas fir lumbers.

The customized corner table holds an antique vintner’s bottle lamp from James Sansum Fine and also Decorative Art.

Likewise the resource for the African drum in between the chairs– while a Cedric Hartman swing-arm lamp strikes a classic modern-day note.

Year-round fireplace

Year-round fireplace

In the protected exterior living-room of a 1920s Santa Monica, California, house, designer David Dalton created a soothing year-round room with insulated Sunbrella drapes and a fireplace enhanced with custom-made Talavera floor tiles by Mission Tile West.

Sunny conversation space living room with fireplaces

Sunny conversation space

Developer Markham Roberts heated up the “not-so-great room” in this Greenwich, Connecticut, house with tufted fireplace chairs of his own design.

The designer placed the furnishings in collections throughout the room making it simpler for amusing huge groups of people.

“Several intimate arrangements are likewise the response for when a relative wants to curl up alone with a favorite,” Roberts claims.

Serene, with an edge

Serene, with an edge

Developer Benjamin Dhong visualized the living-room in this San Francisco residence as a calm resort.

“That’s why the wall surfaces are a little darker and there huge lounge chairs by the fireplace,” he says. “At after that end of the day, beverage in hand, they could put their boosts on that particular terrific ottoman.

The zebra brings in a little bit of edge that doesn’t intrude.

Even in the bathroom

In this Los Angeles residence, designer Peter Dunham gave an unanticipated spin to this bathroom.

“I turned the settings of the bed room and also bath, which is why the bathroom now has the fireplace,” he states. “In an instead strategy means, it’s exceptionally hot as well as luxe, right?”

With the simple addition of an antique grate, Dunham made a mundane fireplace unique. The photo, by Miguel Flores-Vianna, is from Nathan Turner.

Luxe rooftop

Luxe rooftop living room with fireplaces

An outside fireplace on the roofing deck is a large attraction. “We’ve organized numerous great parties up there,” architect Gray Davis says of his house in upstate New York. Outdoor furnishings by Restoration Hardware.

A formal look living room with fireplaces

A formal look living room with fireplaces

In this formal Alabama living room, Tracery Interiors pulled out of typical furniture before the fireplace.

“Although we pondered putting a traditional pair of couches encountering each other in front of the fireplace, we picked an antique French daybed encountering a smaller-scale couch,”.

Designer Paige Schnell says. “The effect is still balanced as well as formal, however more intriguing compared to matching pieces would have been.”

The company likewise exchanged a hefty sedimentary rock mantel for an extra fragile antique border.

The fireplace as art

The fireplace as art

Influenced by the work of sculptor Louise Nevelson, California woodworker Althea Patton developed the living-room fireplace of a weekend break home in seaside Marin County with timber from the house’s improvement as well as different woodworkers’ stores.

“It’s not a conventional art piece, but we consider it as art,” designer Kim Dempster says. Other developer Erin Martin adds, “The fireplace is the heart of the home. This is where you kick back as well as tell tales.”

Open-air and also rustic

cozy living room with fireplaces

A fireplace as well as overhanging heat lights make it feasible to delight on the loggia year-round in this California bachelor pad created by Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas.

It’s equipped with a Provence love seat in synthetic wicker and also St. Barts teak easy chair– all from Restoration Hardware– an Ikea Brommö folding chair, a white-painted African table from Berbere World Imports, as well as Brantley lights from Circa Lighting.

A special kitchen accessory

A special kitchen accessory fireplaces

In his Los Angeles cooking area, developer William Hefner placed in a little fireplace. “It’s excellent. Like lots of people, my wife and I come home in the evening and go in the kitchen area,”.

He claims. “The cooking area is truly the only space we utilize throughout the week, so it had to have the things we desired– a sight of the lawn as well as a fireplace.

If we’re spending so much time here, allow’s have the ability to construct a fire as well as truly enjoy it.”

Shocking texture

Shocking texture living room with fireplaces

Antique meets modern in the living-room of a San Francisco Victorian developed by Ken Fulk. He selected a black-and-white scheme, softened with neutrals and also all-natural appearances.

The chimney breast, which is papered in Ralph Lauren’s black Yacare Crocodile, adds sex appeal. “It looks wonderful, that structure, and it’s enjoyable,” Fulk says.

Collection fireplace

Even in the bathroom

“Libraries are like powder rooms– you can go a little crazy!” claims Benjamin Dhong of the room in a California house.

He designed the environment-friendly footrest with Moorish-style legs, covering it in Varese velvet from Designers Guild.

The mirror above the fireplace conceals a TV. Lengthy mirrors on either side have frames in Arabel’s Brussels velour.

Remarkable and masculine

In the collection of a Michigan lake home developed by Martin Horner, the black-granite mantel (made by Atelier Jouvence) offers a significant comparison to the tile, from Artistic Tile.

Cold-weather remedy

In the living-room of this Colorado log cabin home developed by Thom Filicia, the huge stone fireplace is a big draw on a chilly wintertime’s evening.

A pair of fur-covered Caribou easy chair from Shimna flank George Smith’s tufted Knight footrest.

Vintage companions

To accomplish the research study’s paneled impact in this standard Georgian manor, Tom Scheerer had cabinets customized to match the faux-bois Chene wallcovering by Nobilis.

Restoration Hardware’s English Roll armchair is slipcovered in Oasis Toile by Travers, additionally made use of for the drapes.

The vintage desk is from Baker, while the vintage wing chair and footrest are from Sputnik Modern. A view of the quaint fireplace can be seen best from the desk.

Classics companion

To achieve the study’s paneled effect in this standard Georgian mansion, Tom Scheerer had cabinets customized to match the faux-bois Chene wallcovering by Nobilis.

Restoration Hardware’s English Roll elbow chair is slipcovered in Oasis Toile by Travers, also utilized for the curtains.

The vintage workdesk is from Baker, while the vintage wing chair and also footrest are from Sputnik Modern. A sight of the quaint fireplace can be seen ideal from the desk.

Bordered by memories

” Everything in this room has a tale,” designer Podge Bune states of the Hampton’s coastline home’s living room.

“The painting of females on a beach was the first thing my husband and also I got when we concerned New York.

There’s a picture of my father when he was a little boy, a picture that my kid took when he mosted likely to save the gorillas in Uganda.

We all have particular points that are important to us as well as we travel with them, like a snail with his covering.”

Imaginative focal point

living room with fireplace

Designer Harry Heissmann spins a New York City loft home right into a modern fairytale. He turned a “shipping stamp-size” fireplace into the living room’s centerpiece with a large-scale, custom-made mantel.

The custom daybed is covered in Edit’s Jewels material. The butterfly art work is by Paul Villinski on Venetian plaster wall surfaces. The cowhide carpet comes from Imperio.

Grand backdrop

In her Ojai, California home’s living room, initially the main stable, designer Kathryn M. Ireland went for a great mix of shade and also pattern– all bordering the grand fireplace, makings up the space’s history.

The orange elbow chair, a custom design covered in George Red from Ireland’s material collection, deals with a Robert Kime chair with reproduction Suzani textile.


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