6 DIY Mouse Pad You’ll Surely Wish to Try This (Using Simple Materials)

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

DIY Mouse Pad – The mouse pad is just one of the few points which could have a dual role when discussing work areas and workdesks.

It’s a device that can be both practical and also attractive at the same time. And also although it would be easier to simply acquire a mouse pad, there’s additionally a much more crafty option.

DIY mouse pad can take several intriguing types and also we’re concerning to look at a couple of inspiring instances.

Cork Trivet DIY mouse pad

DIY cork mouse pad

Oh the many manner ins which you could repurpose cork trivets. Today, you will certainly find out the best ways to change one into a very mouse pad.

Apart from the cork trivet, you will also need material, Heat and Bond fusible, iron, pencil, and also scissors. Cut the textile to size and iron on the trivet utilizing the Heat and Bond.

What you need:

– Trivet or Cork cut to 7″ circle

– Fabric.

– Heat as well as Bond.

– Iron.

– Pencil.

– Scissors.

How to:

DIY cork mouse pad

1. Beginning by ironing your fabric so it is wrinkle free. Then eliminated a 8×8 item of warmth as well as bond. Iron that to the wrong side of your textile complying with product directions. Allow it cool.

DIY cork mouse pad

2. After that using your trivet or round item of cork trace on the warmth as well as bond. Trace it as limited, or as near the cork as feasible.

Attempt to make your circle a little smaller compared to the cork. That way it will certainly not hang over the sides.

DIY cork mouse pad

3. Now making use of scissors eliminated your circle. Again attempt make the textile smaller compared to the cork so cut on the inside of the line you traced.

DIY cork mouse pad

4. After you have cut out the circle, peel of the paper of the warm and also bond. Area the circle on the cork and also iron on utilizing item guidelines.

DIY cork mouse pad

5. After it cools it prepares to make use of. Mine is on our workdesk in the workplace.

This is a quick as well as easy task. Having a go at it as well as if you do I would certainly love to see how it turns out. //source: crafter-bayberrycreek.

DIY covered mouse pad

DIY covered mouse pad

What you need:

DIY covered mouse pad

– One mousepad. mine is rounded and also from ikea, however any dimension will certainly do!

– A piece of fusible web huge enough to cover the size of your mousepad. my favored is lite steam-a-seam 2.

– An item of rather material large enough to cover the dimension of your mousepad.

– An iron.

– Some scissors.

– As well as a pencil.

How to:

DIY covered mouse pad

1. Position your mousepad on the paper lining of your fusible web as well as trace around it.

2. Remove the second lining (check to see which liner removes initially by peeling apart at the edge. trace on the lining that still affixed to the web).

3. Stick the fusible web to the wrong side of your material.

4. Cut out the fusible internet and also the fabric with each other along your traced line.

5. Peel off staying paper liner (leaving the web on the textile) as well as adhere to the top of your mousepad- line it up completely!

6. Press for 10-15 seconds with your iron on medium warm (given that some mousepads may be conscious high warm, test a tiny area first.

You could also want to set a piece of material on top of the mousepad prior to you press ot to act as a heat barrier).

* Ensure to comply with the bundle directions on your fusible internet as they all tend to differ slightly.

DIY covered mouse pad

And voila! the fusible web is long-term as well as equipment washable. It also enables you to leave your edges unfinished as it won’t fray or lift. Hooray! //Source:

Neon DIY mouse pad

DIY neon canvas mouse pad

If your mouse is trying to find a trendy buddy, you could make this enjoyable neon DIY mouse pad. To earn this, you cover a store-bought mouse pad with ordinary textile.

You then spray paint one area with neon paint. Let completely dry and take pleasure in.

What you need:

– Mouse pad.

– Canvas fabric (we made use of a carryall).

– Tape.

– Neon spray paint.

– Pen.

– Scissors.

– Fabric glue.

– Paper.

How to:

1. Lay your mouse pad on top of canvas and also trace around the edges.

2. Remove your canvas mouse pad form as well as glue it down to the top of your mouse pad. Allow dry.

3. Tape a scrap paper diagonally throughout the canvas mouse pad.

4. Outdoors or in a well aerated room spray paint one side of the mouse pad. Allow dry and also remove tape for an upgraded office appearance. //Source:

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

Below is a DIY mouse pad suggestion that can examine your imaginative abilities. Don’t worry, the following tutorial will require stenciling just.

As a matter of fact, this DIY might just be examining your skills wielding an Xacto blade.

What you need:

– One 8″ round mouse pad space (we got ours at Soft Expressions).

– 8 1/2 x 11 ″ Full Sheet Labels.

– Computer and also printer.

– Xacto or craft blade and also reducing surface area.

– Textile acrylic paint and also pattern brush (both readily available at the craft shop).

– Iron and also wax paper.

How to:

1. Pick your style from one of the given design templates, or produce your own. Print it out onto the label paper.

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

2. With your style in mind, choose your color combination. You’ll want to use a lighter color for the background, and also a darker one for the foreground picture.

Pour out and also your background paint onto a scheme or scrap surface, as well as utilize the pattern brush to create a base layer of color.

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

3. While this first coat dries, utilize the Xacto knife to cut out the grey shapes of the theme.

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

4. Continue cutting your stencil till just the white forms continue to be. Do not toss the smaller pieces away! These will certainly be the stand up to for our the leading layer of shade.

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

5. Peel the support layer off the biggest shape, as well as very carefully put it in addition to the mouse pad. After that, making use of the layout as a reference, include the smaller shapes to recreate the complete photo on the mouse pad.

6. Blend your top color, as well as making use of fast, constant bits, fill in the rooms with paint.

Hand printed DIY mouse pad

7. When the paint has dried totally, cover the mouse pad with two layers of wax paper as well as iron on medium high (or follow the plan instructions) in order to help set the ink.

As well as, that’s it– a simple way to add a little hand-made warmth to even the most tech-heavy of work spaces. //Source:

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

This DIY mouse pad tutorial incorporates 2 points that I always rave about: fabric scraps and Mod Podge.

I like this certain DIY not just because is it extremely cheap, it will certainly also offer you one attractive and also unique mouse pad.

What you need:

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

– Your material of choice in the size you desire your mousepad

– A 1 inch larger compared to your textile item of non-slip shelf lining

– Modpodge

– Paper towel

– Small brush or sponge brush

– Sewing equipment, or handstiching

How to:

Prior to we get going remember to pre-wash the textile you are going to use because it could reduce after you get it wet with the Modpodge.

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

1. Cut your fabric in the dimension you want your mousepad (mine is a 10 × 10 inch item), you could obtain all creative and also try different forms, I just did a square because I wear’ r have much space in my desk today and my square fits best!

2. After you have your fabric, reduced a bigger piece of the shelf liner and pin it in place, add a paper towel in all-time low, this way the shelf lining will be in between the textile and the paper towel to be able to sew it. Or else it will certainly get stayed with the foot of the stitching device, if you prepare to hand-stich it, disregard the paper towel.

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

3. Sew your mousepad very carefully around the side ensuring the textile and floor covering do stagnate

4. After you are done sewing, draw the paper towel meticulously away from the embroidery line (right photo over) after you do all the sides the facility section will come out really easily.

Fabric scraps DIY mouse pad

5. Grab a brush and cover the textile in a thin layer of Modpodge, if you do not have Modpodge you could make use of tacky adhesive as well as water (simply bear in mind to use 2 portions of glue by among water).

6. Let it dry and if essential put weights on the edges fo the mat so it stays in location while it completely dry, after is totally dry repeat with another layer.

I only did 2 and it works flawlessly, but if you have a thinner fabric i would advise you to make use of 3 layers.

Allow it dry totally and cut the unwanted of mat on the brink. You are ready to use your fabric moused!

I love this mousepad and also the very best thing is that I could make them as larger or smaller I require, with quite materials for a more tailored workdesk look.

I wish you have a wonderful day! //Source:

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

Right here is a mouse pad tutorial that a little girl could fancy. If you have a ton of woollen really felt lying around, utilize them to create a non-boring mouse pad.

I assume this suggestion will work well, too, even if you do not include the scalloped details.

What you need:.

– 1 piece of thick woollen really felt (I made use of Margo’s Pink).

– 1 9 ″ x 12 ″ sheet of white woollen mix really felt plus scrap for monogrammed.

– 1 hole punch.

– Thread to match woollen and monogrammed.

– Felt adhesive (optional).

– Scalloped base and rectangular shape layout listed below.

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

How to:

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

1. Publish your monogram. Choose a font style and print out the initial so it matches a 3 ″ x 3 ″ space and reduced a rectangular shape of thick wool felt.

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

2. Stitch letter onto your thick woollen felt sheet. I located a running stitch offered the smoothest surface.

I have actually been utilizing this mousepad for over a month now as well as have not had any type of problems with the mouse jumping.

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

3. Cut your scalloped rectangle out of woollen blend really felt as well as opening punch the facility of each scallop.

* this will not collaborate with acrylic really felt and if your strike is boring you may have to reduce the bottom of each punched hole loose.

Monogrammed wool felt DIY mouse pad

4. Connect rectangular shape to scalloped backing utilizing a running stitch or felt adhesive.

5. Ohh and AHH over your creation … it also makes my work table look good! Satisfied Crafting. //Source:


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